Active FX

Integral renovation of photodamaged skin with rapid-pulsed CO2 laser vaporises the epidermal layer, which is renovated with no residual thermal damage to the dermis that causes significant neosynthesis of collagen (LSFR: Laser Skin Fractional Resurfacing).

Fitzpatrick conducted a multicenter study with the UltraPulse-Encore-ActiveFX, (Lumenis, Yorkneam, Israel) that showed the safety and efficacy of this system. The study also demonstrated the efficiency of the topic anaesthetic EMLA (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthethics, lidocaine and prilocaine), not only as an anaesthetic agent but also as a skin protector because of its hydration effect.

With this preoperative protection and analgesia, a simple pass with energy levels adjusted according to the thickness of the dermis during treatment, has been shown to be highly effective and safe for the rejuvenation of the face and neck.

With an experience that encompasses 50 patients, IML has established precise treatment parameters and case selection, with no side effect worth mentioning.

The old arsenal for facial rejuvenation, the CO2 laser, has once again become the centerstage of today´s treatments today. The application of the Cool Scan incorporated in the Active FX allows the physician to design ad-hoc treatments in different areas and to meet the patient´s downtime requirements to outcome expectations. The absence of an exudative phase permits the patient to wear make up just after 48-72 hours from the procedure, which facilitates resumption of daily activities. The presence of untreated epidermis makes it less likely for complication to appear in contrast with traditional resurfacing.

Active FX is a treatment for integral renovation of photodamaged skin

Active FX is a treatment for integral renovation of photodamaged skin

 Deep FX

UltraPulse Encore Deep FXTM is a new upgrade that reaches greater depths with less epidermal damage. It treats deep wrinkles and provides new hope in the treatment of acne scars. The new Active-Deep is a scanner with a discharge capacity 12 times smaller than the ActiveFX TM. It therefore respects greater skin surface areas and can reach mid dermal depths (acne scar level). The conservation of large epidermal areas allows for risk-free reepitelisation. As it respects a large amount of skin, the "hard" phase of the procedure (scabbing, etc.) as well as reddening of the skin lasts for just 48-72 hours.

The Active-Deep exceeds the layer of sebaceous glands and reaches total ablation of acne scars. Regeneration of the skin's surface is possible because a large skin area is left unscathed along with is corresponding basal membrane. This membrane is the source of the physiological restoration process of the epidermis.

Patients who have not applied isoretinoids in over 6 months can opt for this treatment. A coagulation test must also be carried out. Since it reaches the mid dermis to the dermal plexus, there is a risk of bleeding. Therefore, salicylates and other medications that interfere with blood clotting and / or factors aggregation should be avoided a fortnight before the procedure.

In the event of deep wrinkles, the advantages of Active-Deep are others. It reaches deep in the wrinkle valley without mass ablation of the remaining skin surface. This method allows for great results without increasing downtime.

In the case of skin resurfacing, the procedure consists of treating the deep wrinkles with Active-Deep first and then in the same session a complementary application of ActiveFX that removes the imperfections from the skin's surface such as pigmented lesions, sebaceous lesions, etc.

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