Age and situation: Young women

Childbirth is a fundamental personal experience for women.

Due to the characteristics of human reproduction (with proportionally large newborns compared to the mother), childbirth can quite often result in pelvic affectations that influence the mother's quality of life.

 Changes in genital anatomy following ch¡ldbirth

Changes in genital anatomy following childbirth

How does delivery affect the genitalia?

Pregnancy and delivery affect different elements of the female genital anatomy:

  • Vaginal muscles.
  • Uterine cervix ligaments.
  • Uterine cavity.
  • Vaginal cavity.
  • Skin.

The intensity in which it structurally affects the woman's anatomy depends to a great extend on the size of the baby, but it is also conditioned by the mother's anatomical features and the type of delivery.

The vaginal walls in young women can lose tightness and the ability to compress due to multiple births or very heavy offspring. The vagina can remain irreversibly dilated after delivery. This situation conditions the ability to enjoy sexual relations, both for the woman as well as her partner. If the vaginal walls are unable to contract, neither the man nor the woman enjoy intercourse.

It's an open secret that a great deal of patients who have been mothers inquire about to their gynaecologists, trying to find out how they can recover a satisfactory sex life after childbirth.

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