Anti-cellulite Cream

Anti-cellulite cream by IML

This is a cream with a rich texture and high absorption capacity, leaving no fatty residue on the skin.

Its active ingredients are in optimum concentrations to decongest the tissue and achieve the correct anti-cellulite action. Contains oils with very high moisturising properties that enhance skin restructuring.

It is high effective in the treatment and prevention of peripheral circulatory disorders due to its vasoconstrictive and anti-oedematous properties.

Indications of Anti-cellulite Cream

  • Cellulite in all its degrees and locations.
  • Oedemas due to venous or venolymphatic alterations in lower limbs.

Active Ingredients

  • Aescin-Sitosterol-Phospholipid Complex:

    One of the active ingredients in horse chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum), which prevents formation of oedema and increases blood vessel resistance.

  • Phospholipid Liposomes:

    Distinguished by the flexible action on the skin, membrane-stabilising effect and aiding penetration of the other active ingredients.

  • Ruscus Aculeatus Extract:

    Is rich in saponin and flavonoid derivatives, enhances the anti-oedematous effect of Aescin. Its powerful vasoconstrictive and diuretic actions are notable.

  • Echinacea Angustifolia extract:

    Contains bacteriostatic properties and oils such as oleic, linoleic, cerotic and palmitic, distinguished by their restructuring, resurfacing and scar forming properties.

  • Equisetum Arvense extract:

    Contains a high level of organic silicon, potassium, saponins and flavonoids. Silicon intake is indispensable for adequate fibroblast bioregulation, responsible for collagen and elastin formation.

  • Flavonoids:

    Provide an antioxidant effect due to their natural anti-free radical properties.

  • Caffeine:

    Accelerates triglyceride combustion (lipo-reduction action) and contributes to the reduction of oedemas caused by cellulite.

  • TEA Hydroiodide:

    Is a low molecular weight iodine compound, especially indicated for topical treatment of adipose accumulations.

Instructions for Use

Apply once or twice daily with a gentle circular, ascending massage. For cellulite, pay special attention to the inside area of the knees as well as the sides and top of the thighs.

The unique composition of IML's cosmeceutical products is distinguished by:

  • High active ingredient concentration: the herbal extracts, selected for their renowned properties, are used at the highest concentration possible.
  • High liposome concentration: 6%, an extremely high percentage that ensures optimum penetrability of the active ingredients.
  • Consistent texture, scent-free, which favours the intensive and prolonged action of the active ingredients.

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