Aqualix®: Treatment for moderate volumen reduction

Aqualyx® is an injectable medical device used in the treatment of localised mild adiposities to produce adipocyte lysis or destruction of fat cells.

For reductions of larger volumes of accumulated fat, IML recommends Lipolaser®.

It is a safe product, although the patient should know that there is a risk of complications such as allergic reactions to the substance used or to the anaesthesia (usually mild, which remit with the appropriate treatment or even without treatment), bruising, oedema or swelling usually that subside shortly after without need for treatment.

There is the possibility of pain, redness and persistent swelling, possibly due to infection, skin necrosis and scar or pigmentation sequelas. Lasting fibrosis or irregularities in the treated areas. No complications have been described on a systemic level. Aqualyx or adipocyte lysis by intra lipotherapy is not a replacement technique for conventional liposculpture or lipolaser.

Aqualix is a treatment for moderate volume reduction

The treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes: an appointment is made with the patient approximately 75 hours after the treatment for a revision and, if the physician considers it necessary, the patient is then applied a localised drainage and vacuum therapy treatment on the area where the adipocyte lysis is being carried out.

The treatment consists of the infiltration, into the thickness of the fat tissue treated, of a substance with a detergent effect on the cell membranes of the adipocytes, which leads to the reduction in thickness of the fat in the area being treated, provided that the accumulated fat is mild to moderate. It is an injectable product with EC medical device labelling.

For an average volume reduction, 2 to 4 sessions should be performed. These should be applied every three weeks. A maximum amount of product is to be used per session (5 vials), which makes Aqualyx of less interest for treating large parts of the body.

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