Blue Peel (ZO® Medical)

Controlled Depth Peel™ by ZO® Medical, better known as Blue Peel, is a medical peel designed by the dermatologist Zein Obagi and is available in Madrid, included in the Instituto Medico Laser range of therapeutic products.

Blue Peel is a skin peel that works on the mid-deep plane of the skin for rejuvenation and repair of the aesthetic problems requiring total exfoliation and cell renewal, such as:

  • Melasma and irregular pigmentation in the skin
  • Severe photoageing
  • Fine lines
  • Minor grade scars
  • Flaccid skin

Controlled Depth Peel® (Blue Peel) is available in Madrid, at Instituto Medico Laser

Controlled Depth Peel® (Blue Peel) is available in Madrid, at Instituto Medico Laser

How does Blue Peel work?

According to the aesthetic problems concerned, Blue Peel can work with great precision on two levels:

  1. On the immediate reticular dermis (Levelling I).
  2. On the upper reticular dermis (Levelling II).

Therefore, before starting treatment, the physician should assess the level of skin damage, determine the objectives aimed for and trace penetrability of the different active ingredients of this peel.

Blue Peel is composed of two basic active ingredients:

  1. Blue Base, a base that contains saponins, non-ionic elements that bind to trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and have a blue hue.
  2. Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 20-30%.

What does Blue Peel treatment entail?

Blue Peel can only be applied by specialist physicians. Application lasts between 12 and 15 minutes.

For 4 to 6 weeks before the peel, the skin should be prepared with a retinoid-based treatment, stopping application 3 days before the peel is conducted.

Blue Peel requires anaesthetic blockage and a sedative or sedo-analgesia guided by and anaesthetist.

Depending on the grade of skin ageing in the patient, the physician will choose the corresponding dosimetry for each depth level:

Levelling I

Dosimetry for this level is TCA at 20% (4 ml) and Blue Base (2 ml).

It is applied with a sponge, obtaining an even blue colouring. During application, a slight crystallising will occur with pink areas and an epidermal sliding effect, or wrinkling of the epidermis on the dermis, outcome of detachment following application of the product due to coagulation, while the papillary dermis maintains its normal structure.

Levelling II

Dosimetry for level II is TCA at 30% (8 ml) and Blue Base (2 ml).

In this case, the crystallisation produced is white and not pink, given that the surface veins on the dermis are coagulated. Additionally, it doesn't cause epidermal sliding, since the surface of the skin is coagulated and hardened, due to coagulation reaches deeper planes.

Before and after Blue Peel

Before and after Blue Peel

Elimination of blemishes, unification of tone and improved texture in the skin are some of the results of Blue Peel

Elimination of blemishes, unification of tone and improved texture in the skin are some of the results of Blue Peel

Courtesy Dr. Obagi - ZO Obagi - Controlled Deep Blue Peel

What are the results achieved with Blue Peel?

Expected results include:

  • Elimination of brown blemishes and melasma
  • Attenuation of acne scars
  • Elimination of fine lines and attenuation of defined wrinkles
  • Improves skin tone
  • Skin homogenization
  • Recovery of skin luminosity and moisture
  • Improved skin texture

What does Blue Peel recovery entail?

Our patients feel comfortable returning to their professional activity 7 to 10 days after the application of the peel.

Following treatment, the patient presents a bluish skin colour. This colouring starts to fade after a few days, as the surface skin layers come away and are renewed.

It is frequent for slight oedemas or localised inflammation, erythema (pinkish appearance) or itching to appear, which tends to subside after 10 days. While the skin is slightly swollen or presents erythema, the patient should apply high sun protection.

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