Controlled Partial Correction at IML

Specialists at the Instituto Medico Laser are now opting for correction without loss of expressiveness or naturalness in the face. For this reason, and as the result of their training in facial Cosmetic Medicine techniques, our physicians have developed Controlled Partial Correction: a series of highly strategic and selective procedures, which eliminate the signs of fatigue from the face without forgoing naturalness.

Controlled Partial Correction achieves:

  • Correction of wrinkles on the forehead and brow without losing expressiveness. When we contract the forehead muscles, dynamic wrinkles or expression lines appear, which disappear when the face relaxes. IML applies the Botulinum Toxin with a very refined technique, consisting of infiltrating alternate wrinkles, which achieves homogeneous and partial mobility in the forehead.

Controlled Partial Correction retains the expressiveness in the forehead

Controlled Partial Correction retains the expressiveness in the forehead

  • Elimination of facial blemishes, while leaving the freckles that enhance the complexion. Freckles or ephelides are clusters of concentrated melanin without an increase in melanocytes, which are associated with youth. However, with the passing of time, they can be confused with lentigines, which arise with greater density and early. The technique consists of treating the skin evenly, without removing the more flattering freckles on the nose and surrounding skin, through the careful and precise application of laser Q-Switched Alexandrite and Neodymium:Yag laser.
  • Correction of the nasogenian fold, maintaining the line of the smile . Controlled Partial Correction in the nasogenian fold consists of the infiltration of hyaluronic acid, calcium triphosphate and calcium hydroxyapatite in the depression closest to the nostril wings, so that the area is visually raised, erasing the marks of fatigue associated with age, while at the same time respecting the fold of the smile, which can also be present in young patients.
  • Controlled growth of the eyebrows. Fine eyebrows are associated with advanced age. Thick eyebrows, however, are characteristic of young faces. To allow the eyebrows to grow in a controlled manner, IML uses laser ultrashort pulsed Alexandrite laser hair removal, which removes the hair that exceeds the nasal width between the brows, and the ones that exceed the ideal length of five or six millimetres.

Laser allows for controlled growth of the eyebrows

Laser allows for controlled growth of the eyebrows

Treatments at IML are personalised according to each patient's characteristics. You can request an informative consultation with one of our medical experts.

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