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Effect of Nd:YAG laser in the treatment of varicose veins in the internal saphena following Polidocanol microfoam injection

Speaker: Dr Javier Moreno Moraga. IML Director.

The efficacy of Polidocanol microfoam injection followed by the Nd:YAG laser emission in the treatment of leg varicose veins (grades I to III) has been proven. This study intends to evaluate the efficiency of the same procedure in varicose veins measuring over 5 mm in diameter, in particular, it refers to the varicose dilations of the internal saphena axes.

The usefulness of the Polidocanol foam in the treatment of the large varicose axes is referred to by several authors (Tesari). The main drawbacks are due to hyperpigmentation by haemosiderin in relation to the coagulated blood inside the vessel. Nd:YAG laser emission achieves an additional reduction of the calibre which minimises this drawback. If we also accept that the lesion of the venous wall is more intense with the laser than with the sclerosants (Sadick), we believe that the methods provides safer results and lessens the disadvantages of this non invasive procedure in the treatment of severe and acute varicose veins of the lower limbs.