Endovenous Laser

The Endovenous Laser 1320 or Endolaser available at IML corrects only severe varicose veins with pronounced venous insufficiency, which corresponds to the international CEAP classification C2 and above.

Endovenous Therapy for Troncular Varicose Veins

Fifty per cent of women and forty per cent men will have some form of venous problem throughout their lifetime. Today, the severe varicose disease can be treated through Endovenous Laser, a minimally invasive method, with a high level of effectiveness and barely any recovery period.

IML Endovenous Laser 1320

IML Endovenous Laser 1320

The CoolTouch 1320 laser incorporated by IML resolves the problem of high calibre varicose veins in a highly effective manner.

The 1320 nm wavelength is absorbed by the tissue water located in the venous walls, allowing for a more precise treatment with less inflammation and bruising. Because in reality the laser removes the whole of the venous wall, the chance of relapse by emergence of dilatations in collateral veins is totally minimised.

Relapses with techniques such as the conventional stripping occur in 30% of the cases. Relapses with traditional sclerotherapy occur equally as often. The level of relapse with Endovenous Laser is below 5% of cases.

Laser technology offers a non-surgical solution, highly effective and with an unbeatable cost/result. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic in a completely outpatient procedure. Patients recover with no pain and can resume their daily activity quickly.

How is the Endovenous Laser procedure performed?

  1. Complete ultrasound diagnosis: Mapping.
  2. Localisation of the affected venous trunks.
  3. Local anaesthetic at the fibre entry point.
  4. Placement of the laser optical fibre (600 micron calibre) at the endovenous level, in the most proximal end of the valvular pathology, usually below the knee and guided by ultrasounds.
  5. Retrogressive laser emission applying the automated "pull back" method.
  6. Complete photolysis of all the dilated vein walls.
  7. Placement of Steri-Strip and compression stocking.
  8. Procedure duration 1 hour.
  9. Maximum complete recovery, 1 week.
  10. Patient can resume their daily routine immediately.
  11. The patient must walk for half an hour, twice a day, for the first 3-5 days.

The technical skills of the specialist and the inherent capabilities of the laser mark the difference in short and long term results, as well as the features of recovery.

The Endovenous Laser optical fibre

The Endovenous Laser optical fibre

Benefits of Endovenous Laser

The benefits of Endovenous Laser 1320 compared to other types of laser previously used in endovascular laser therapy for varicose veins lie in the following points:

1320 laser emission only affects the venous walls

The specific laser designed for endovascular treatment of varicose veins has same level of effectiveness with a much lower incidence of paresthesia, inflammation, bruising or patient discomfort, both during application of the technique and in the following days. The possibilities of producing skin affectations are also much lower. This is due to the high specificity of laser light absorption of the dilated vein walls.

The laser has a penetrability of tissue absorption of 300-500 microns. The chromophore that absorbs the energy is collagen impregnated with water from the venous structures and, therefore, the energy is confined to the vascular structure to be eliminated, without risk of absorption of energy outside the vein. The result is controlled absorption depth of emission in the coagulated vessel, better than with other wavelengths used prior to the manual retraction technique.

Accuracy, efficiency and goods results are some of the benefits of Endovenous Laser

Accuracy, efficiency and goods results are some of the benefits of Endovenous Laser

Superior treatment precision

The IML Endovenous Laser 1320 for treatment of varicose veins employs a retrogressive withdrawal system, which allows the physician to ensure optimal distribution of energy in the venous walls from the point of view of safety and efficacy. It is the only system on the market that has an automatic retrogressive system of the fibre which provides greater control and predictability of results.

Patient comfort is the first priority

Both during the implementation of Endovenous Laser therapy as well as during the days following the procedures, our patients experience less discomfort and a rapid recovery period.

The results are achieved sooner

With this treatment there is less perivenous swelling, less bruising and peripheral affectation due to its high specificity. Therefore, clinical and cosmetics results are reached sooner.

Endovenous Laser therapy is totally compatible with reticular varicose vein and telangiectasia treatment. The technique of choice to treat these less severe varicose can de microphlebectomy or Photodynamic Therapy for varicose veins, or a combination of both techniques.

Having all the technology at our disposal allows for customised treatment suited to each patient's case.

IML is a medical centre that can resolve the different types of varicose veins in a highly efficient and safe way; using the most effective therapeutic alternative for each case.

For further information on the varicose vein treatment which best suits you, request a free informative consultation with one of our medical experts.

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