Endymed RF 3 Deep™

Endymed is a radio frequency treatment for face and body

Time and abrupt changes in weight cause a drop in collagen and elastin biosynthesis, causing flaccidity: a visible physical disconnection between the dermis and the epidermis. Flaccidity worsens the appearance of cellulite, deforming the figure and altering skin quality.

The aim of radio frequency is to heat the adipose tissue of the dermis and achieve three effects: First, it heats the dermis fibres that hold the vulnerable to heat fat nodes and aids in lymphatic drainage. Second, it increases blood circulation in the treated area, improving the adipose tissue metabolism. Finally, it reshapes the existing collagen and generating new collagen to attain skin contraction and correct flaccidity.

Types of radio frequency

There are several types of radio frequency radiation:

  1. Bipolar: The first generation of radio frequency is recommended for facial flaccidity treatment, which provides a superficial and focalised energy that does not reach the thick and deep tissue.
  2. Unipolar: The second generation of radio frequency is recommended for body flaccidity treatment. It acts on a second, deeper level than the previous method in a more disperse and less concentrated manner. It therefore requires the application of greater energy and time with a cooling of the dermis to avoid the sensation of pain or risk of burning.
  3. As opposed to the others, Endymed RF 3 Deep, the third generation in radio frequency, is specially recommended for both facial and body flaccidity treatments. The power it emits acts in a focalised, controlled and harnessed manner in the areas to be treated and can perform non-ablative and fractional ablative treatments. It functions by selecting the intensity of the initial emission, which gradually heats the tissue.

Once the skin surface reaches a temperature of 40ºC, a deep heating of the skin takes place. This is completely safe as it does not emit sudden power surges and the handpiece automatically adjusts the emission according to the resistance of the treated tissue.

Results are evident a few days after the first session: improved skin texture and smoothness, decrease in the dimpled appearance and a gradual reduction in volume.

IML recommends additional silicon infiltrations and carboxitherapy on alternate days to boost the results obtained. The silicon works on the deteriorated collagen fibres while the carboxitherapy improves circulation. Both treatments reinforce Endymed 3 Deep TM's radio frequency effect.

The number of sessions needed varies with each patient's characteristics, so these should be set by the Medical Staff at IML accordingly. It is generally regarded that a minimum of eight sessions are required to obtain satisfactory results. The first four are applied once a week or fortnight and the remaining four should be proportionally spaced.

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