Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation

Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation is a type of Ultracavitation applied exclusively by qualified medical personnel. It is one of the most efficient treatments for the improvement of orange-peel skin’s appearance and to combat superficial fat and localised fat accumulation.

The Sonocavitation protocol at IML is included in the centre's own treatment program: Body Fast, which includes Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation with associated sessions of Pneumatic Pressotherapy and Tripolar Radiofrequency, the latter two applied for toning the tissues in the face of rapid loss of volume that the patient experiences during treatment.

Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation improves the orange-peel skin

Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation improves the orange-peel skin

It involves the application of Ultrasound to the skin surface to produce changes in pressure and temperature in the interstitial fluid of the fat tissue, making the system work in an enhanced manner through the infiltration of a hypoosmolar solution in the deepest layer of the fat tissue that will multiply the resonance of tissues with the mechanical waves and thus increase the effect of adipocyte lysis. Medical Hypoosmolar Infiltration causes the adipocytes to absorb the liquid and increase in the size and the tension of their cell membranes, making them more sensitive to the waves emitted by the Sonocavitation device.

This new therapeutic system developed by the Body Contouring medical experts at IML uses higher penetration frequencies that compress the liquids more without increasing the temperature. In this way, Ultracavitation is defined as a painless, safer and more efficient treatment.

The results obtained from the optimised version of Ultracavitation performed at IML and known as Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation, are apparent by a progressive improvement in the aspect and quality of orange-peel skin, which is evident from the first sessions and by the reduction in accumulated fat volume, which is visible several days after the first session. The number of Sonocavitation sessions must be evaluated by an IML physician, depending on the circumstances and characteristics of each patient.

Benefits of Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation

  • Does not require sedatives.
  • Eliminates fat nodes from both the surface (orange-peel skin) as well as deeper down in the skin.
  • Does not damage surrounding tissue.
  • A versatile treatment that can be applied to almost all fat tissue and body types.
  • Results may be permanent since the adipocytes do not reproduce.
  • It has no side effects nor health risks, basically for three reasons:
  1. The frequencies used only affect the fat deposits, leaving the other areas of tissue unscathed.
  2. The breakdown of fat cells occurs in short-chain free fatty acids.  This favours fat metabolism and elimination without increasing the triglycerides in the blood.
  3. The contact device applied to the skin is designed to prevent heat damage.

Enhaced Medical Sonocavitation eliminates orange-peel skin

Enhaced Medical Sonocavitation eliminates orange-peel skin

Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation results are very close to those obtained from surgery, but on some occasions, neither this treatment nor surgery are valid substitutes to other treatments. For example, in the case of localised microcirculation disorders with fluid retention, Enhanced Medical Sonocavitation will eliminate the accumulated fat; but it should be combined with a complementary treatment to improve venolymphatic return, such as subdermal therapy.

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