Facial Fillers (face and neck)

Local + sedation
2/3 hrs.
7 days

The materials utilized as fillers are biocompatible, lacking in allergens or side effects, and are used to correct wrinkles, lines or to give more volume to determined areas of the face like the lips, giving a natural look with a simple application.

They can be classified in two types:

  • Transplanting of the patient’s own organic material (lipotransfer/">Laser lipolisis head and neck), among those that emphasize the filling of fat or lipo-filling, and the implantation of fibroblast grown by the patient.
  • Implants made of synthetic materials that vary in their duration. Within the synthetic materials there are different durations of reabsorption. There are materials like Hyaluronic Acid that lasts 6-12 months, or materials like artecoll or Bioalcamid, products that guarantee the correction for at least five years. All this fillers are done with local anaesthetic. It is a technique that is minimally invasive that permits the patient to return to a normal social and work life the next day.

 Fillers are used to correct wrinkles, lines or to give volume

Fillers are used to correct wrinkles, lines or to give volume

To rejuvenate is to have the look of youth

The passing of time produces the reabsorption of the tissues that fill facial areas like the cheekbones, the cheeks and the chin area, and give an “emaciated” look making the patient feel like their face is “falling”:

  • With the disappearance of this natural tissue filling of the face, appears the first surplus of skin; the skin loses the natural support of its deep anatomic structure that “pads” its look, in addition to appearing as an excess of skin, it also is lax and lacks smoothness.
  • The sub-orbital face line -that starts at the internal angle of the eye and runs through the cheek, dividing it in half- is more defined. This line is caused by the reabsorption of the soft tissue at the level of the cheekbones and the displacement of the SOOF (Suborbicular Oculi Fat).
  • This nasogenic line occurs due to the disappearance of natural filling tissue in the cheekbones, as well as the cheeks. Finally, the marionette lines (marionette´s face) that start from the corners of the mouth and fall vertically to the edge of the lower chin can give a sad look to the peribucal region.

Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring (LAFC II)

These defects of the central region of the face are not resolved with conventional rejuvenation techniques, like blepharoplasty or a lifting, because these techniques basically “stretch” the skin by removing the excess parts. Today this is corrected with the lipotransfer/"">Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring (LAFC II) technique.

This technique consists of harvesting fat from the patient for implanting into the facial areas that have lost volume over the years.

LAFC II requires fatty material for the lipograft or lipofilling. The torso is the donor area par excellence because it possesses the fat tissue with highest level of mesenchymal stem cells with the ability to reproduce in any other cell lineage.

In this way the correction of depressions and lack of projections in the face using the LAFC II technique makes for a more natural way to fill the lips as well. That is, the LAFC II technique not only serves to rejuvenate, but young individuals can use make themselves look better by augmenting their lips, enlarging of their cheekbones for “flat” faces, or raising the chin in faces with a “bird profile”.

The interest in new techniques is enormous because until now rejuvenation in the centre of the face was technically risky and ended with few satisfactory results for a lack of a natural look. Technically it was impossible to respect fixed anatomical distances that give a face a natural look that every patient wants when they begin a treatment for facial rejuvenation.

In the Philosophy of the Instituto Médico Láser we maintain the following considerations in respect to Facial Rejuvenation:


  • To rejuvenate is not to stretch but to reposition.
  • It is obligatory to distinguish between the look of the skin and excess skin.
  • The basic facial distances should be the same as when the patient was 20 years old.

With the following conclusions:

  • To do a rejuvenation procedure you must respect the harmony between “light and shadow” with respect to fixed points and the special physiognomy of the face.
  • There is not only one valid treatment to reach an ambitious and multi-factored objective.
  • The concept of rejuvenation should be done with a multidisciplinary medical technique for surgery that, suitably harmonized, achieves the objective.

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