Facial Volumising

Facial Volumising is a medical, non-surgical treatment based on subcutaneous application of hyaluronic acid based fillers which rejuvenate, correct facial structure shape and volume and prevent ageing.

Facial Volumising is a new concept of facial rejuvenation, since it not only removes surface wrinkles, but it also treats overall ageing on the face and at a distance, working on the 8 strategic facial points presented by Dr Mauricio de Maio in a Masterclass held at IML on 30th January 2014.

 Facial Volumising rejuvenates, corrects shape and volume and prevent ageing

Facial Volumising rejuvenates, corrects shape and volume and prevent ageing

Indications of Facial Volumising

Facial Volumising is indicated in patients of any age to:

  • Correct alterations in skin quality, such as loss of elasticity, dehydration, open pores or irregular skin surface.
  • Correct dynamic wrinkles or expression lines, caused by facial muscle mobility.
  • Correct static wrinkles or deep wrinkles, depressions or furrows.
  • Correct loss of facial volume, caused by sagging facial structures.
  • Recover volume on the lips and correct the mouth contour.
  • Prevent the facial ageing process, avoiding the need for more drastic measures in the future.

What does the Facial Volumising technique consist of?

The Facial Volumising technique is performed following a detailed and thorough analysis of the corrections required, not only of the current imperfections, but also of the evolution the face will go through over time. Therefore, it is essential for the physician to have a full understanding of facial anatomy.

The differentiating feature of this treatment is that corrections are carried out at a distance, that is, the adjacent facial structures are worked on. These influence the position and shape of the area where the imperfection is located.

This prevents excessive filler correction on site, on the actual problem, and assures natural results compared to swollen faces that are sometimes the outcome of localised fillers.

 Facial Volumising at IML with Vycross fillers

Facial Volumising at IML with Vycross fillers

Facial Volumising procedure and post-treatment care

The Facial Volumising treatment session lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

It is performed with local anaesthetic, using micro punctures with fine needles or cannulas, according to the type of correction required and the area.

Once the filler is infiltrated, the technique is complemented with an subtle application of infiltrated treatment, to soften the dynamic wrinkles.

The patient can resume their social and professional activity on the day after treatment.

The results last for 18 months and at IML we recommend an annual check-up, to maintain the correction permanently.

What type of filler materials are used in Facial Volumising?

IML uses the Vycross® product line, a set of several types of sterile hyaluronic acid gels which include lidocaine in their formulation, a substance that improves patient comfort during treatment and immediately following it.

The Vycross® technology uses a hyaluronic acid formulation with low and high molecular weight to improve the efficacy of the bonds that cross over between the hyaluronic acid chains.

The high resistance of the crossed bonds allow for greater durability and excellent efficacy as a filler, therefore the product can have a lower density while providing highly natural results, with no swelling or oedemas.

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