This technique was developed in a quest to find a type of physical exercise that would prevent astronauts losing muscle mass and bone density whilst in space under zero gravity conditions.

From then on, these types of platforms have been recommended for several different situations in which its interesting benefits have been noted, both for sports, recovery health and wellbeing.

Galileo patform allows a workout on the muscular structures

Galileo patform allows a workout on the muscular structures

Basically, the Galileo Vibrational Fitness platform creates a variable frequency oscillating movement that produces an involuntary reflex of the muscles with contractions that stimulate the fibres to the limit of their contraction speed which is at about 25 to 30 per second. If this is compared with conventional exercise, we can see that muscular contraction in conventional workouts affects a maximum of 30% of the fibres whereas the articulations, ligaments and tendons suffer greater wear.

This type of exercise with the Galileo Vibrational Platform allows a workout on all the muscular structures of the body with more power and intensity and less articular suffering in a very limited time scale as each session is 10 minutes long.

Its application is interesting from several points of view. At IML we combine this treatment with lipolytic treatments in which the liberation of fatty cell content is essential and is obtained with treatments such as Sonocavitation, Narl or Radiofrequency where fat is consumed immediately by the individual so it is not absorbed and stored as fatty tissue. It is a way of assuring an immediate burning of calories after the previous treatment.

Besides the cosmetic outcome of this treatment, it has other interesting good points:

  • Helps to firm body areas via the effect of muscular toning.
  • Helps to lose weight through the calorie burning that accompanies the treatment.
  • It helps to fight cellulite through direct stimulation of muscle group vascularization as well as the skin in the area.
  • It helps to increase secretion of the GH Hormone, responsible for basal burning of calories, maintenance of muscle nutrition and maintaining the remaining hormonal axis actives.

It is also interesting because it helps to combat stress, increases elasticity and muscular strength, improves general blood flow and corrects posture. It is extremely helpful in rehabilitation processes after lesions, helping to maintain the patient’s physical shape. Helps to prevent degenerative neuromuscular diseases, avoids osteoporosis and is a good tool in the recovery treatment of muscular injuries.

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