Genital prolapse

Tissue alterations can affect the pelvic floor by stretching due to dilation of its ligaments and muscles. This dilation may cause vaginal prolapse, that is, the descent or collapse of the vagina and, sometimes, the protrusion of the rest of pelvic organs.

Genital prolapse treatment

Vaginal prolapse can have different degrees of severity. In general, the woman feels a "weight" in her genitals and a feeling of volume that becomes more intense with exertion.

The descent of the vagina may be anterior and is called cystocele or posterior, known as rectocele.

What is the treatment for genital prolapse?

The solution to this problem is, except very severe cases, through surgery with local anaesthetic that fixes the vagina to its correct position using support meshes and on occasion, the use of the laser to cause correct contraction and recovery of muscle tone.

Genital prolapse

Genital prolapse treatment

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