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Hyaluronic acid networks - PuragenThe immediate solution for body flaccidness

Flaccidness is a skin dysfunction caused by the aging process, be it natural or induced. The morphological changes responsible for flaccidness are the consequence of important alterations in the tissues:

  • The biosynthesis of collagen and elastine decreases as does the production of mucopolysaccharides in the fundamental substance that is rich in hyaluronic acid. This component is responsible for the natural capture of water by the skin.
  • The number of fibroblasts decreases causing the dermis to loose its normal trophism and its natural capacity to regenerate, resulting in poorer skin quality.
  • Elastine, collagen and fundamental substance form a complex organic structure. When this structure fails, the epidermis becomes detached from the dermis to a greater or lesser degree.

The implantation of hyaluronic acid in the form of a mesh restores the skin’s natural structure. Although this is a temporary solution, the great advantage is that it fills the natural small holes of cellulitis. Areas are corrected using Puragen or Restylane Touch, which despite being reabsorbable products ensure the persistence of the structural mesh for the longest possible time.

The doctor marks the area on the skin and implants the substance via microinjections into the deep dermis following a “retrotracing” template. This technique can be applied in the neck, hands, cleavage and arms and achieves greater density due to the filling effect it exerts and also because it captures the water generated by the body.

The main drawback is the cost of the product as large amounts are needed to achieve the desired results. Because it is a reabsorbable substance, the effects last for one year at the most.