Hyaluronic Networks

Hyaluronic acid networks returns the structural capacity of the skinFlaccidness is a skin dysfunction occurring as part of a natural or induced ageing process. Morphological changes that cause flaccidness are the consequence of deep alterations in the tissues.

Collagen and elastine biosynthesis decreases as does the production of muco polysaccharides in the fundamental substance, which is rich in hyaluronic acid. This component is responsible for the natural capture of water by the skin. The number of fibroblasts descends and the dermis looses it normal tropism and its quality worsens, loosing its capacity for natural regeneration. Elastine, collagen and fundamental substance form a complex organic structure. When it fails, it causes a more or less severe mechanical detachment between the epidermis and the dermis.

The implant of hyaluronic acid networks returns its structural capacity to the skin, representing a transient but reliable solution that improves the appearance of the “little holes” that are so characteristic of cellulitic skin. These networks are constructed with products such as Puragen or Restylane Touch, substances that despite being reabsorbable ensure the maintenance of this structural mesh for as long as possible.

The doctor marks the skin and administers the substance by means of microinjections into the deep dermis, following a retrotracing template or mesh.

The technique can be used in the neck, hands, cleavage and arms and results in greater density due to a filling effect and the capture of water produced by the body.

The main drawback is the cost of the product as large amounts are needed for correction. Because the substance is reabsorbable, the effects last about one year at the most.

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