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At IML we strive to provide our patients with the best quality
Medical and Cosmetic Surgery standards.
The effectiveness of our treatments is based on the on-going
scientific training of our professionals.
Multidisciplinary High Technology
Medical Centre.
Equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment,
IML is the number one platform in Spain and one of the highest ranking in Europe.
The effectiveness of our treatments is based on
the continuous updating of technical resources.

IML Physicians participate in SELMQ 2015

IML participated the in the Spanish Society of Medical-Surgical Laser (SELMQ) 2015 Congress, with a total of seven papers, presented by Doctors Javier Moreno Moraga, Josefina Royo de la Torre (IML Directors) and Irene Cruz.

Presentations by Dr. Javier Moreno:

  • "Aesthetic Varicose Veins: Recent acceptance of a 14-year work".
  • "Laser Treatment of Hyperhidrosis, a sad ending".
  • "Laser Lipolysis: abdomen and indications for multiparous women".

Presentation by Dr. Josefina Royo de la Torre:

  • "Morphological changes measured with confocal microscopy to interpret skin quality improvement following radiofrequency, laser and hyaluronic treatments".

Presentations by the IML Dermatology Unit:

  • "Pigmented lesion treatment: lentigines and melasma".
  • "Advantages and limitations of picosecond Q-Switch laser use on tattoos. A 2-year experience".

Presentation by Dr. Irene Cruz:

  • "Corporal Treatments for Cellulite Reduction: Experience and Innovations".