IPL (Ellipse)

Skin ageing entails a drooping of the skin and flaccidness. A large part of the deterioration of the skin is caused by the appearance of signs like:

  • More opened pores.
  • Sun spots.
  • Hyperkeratosic pigmented lesions.
  • Seborrheic lesions.
  • Broken capillaries and diffused flushing.
  • Lack of shine and luster in the skin.

IPL photo-rejuvenation treatment corrects these problems.

The Instituto Médico Láser manages this treatment using a combination of various high-tech instruments:

  • IPL intense pulsed light instruments to treat the pores on the skin and to produce an augmentation of the synthesis of collagen, improving the look of the skin.
  • V beam, specific for flushing.
  • Alex Laser, specific for pigment lesions
  • Derma K, specific for coetaneous lesions of a greater depth.

We use a comprehensive approach to treat the skin of the hands, neckline and face with a selection of precise instruments to achieve the best results in each case.

One of the advantages of this treatment is there is no recuperation time needed and the patient can continue normal activity the same day.

IPL treats signs of aging

Facial IPL: young forever

At the moment intense pulsed light lasers have become the most popular technique for rejuvenation

They say the face is the mirror of the soul, but it is also the reflection of the passing of time. Wrinkles, sun spots, vascular lesions, roughness …are the footprints that the years, the sun, stress and the consumption of alcohol and tobacco leave on our faces. For many years dermatology has had many procedures to solve, one by one, each of these problems, but the arrival of IPL has made it possible to offer overall rejuvenation of the face in a uniform manner.

This new and exciting technique has gained popularity, first in the US and now in Europe, and has become one of the taesthetic techniques of the highest demand throughout the world. The great advantage is the immediate recovery of the patient without the need to stop normal activity.

The aging of the face is due to the cumulative effect of ultraviolet light over the years, manifesting itself in the form of changes in coloration (dark spots or lentigos, flushing, spider veins, yellowing), the loss of tone and small wrinkles in the areas most exposed to light. Until now it was necessary to treat each of these issues separately, with numerous cosmetic procedures or with the lasers on hand.

Even with lasers there was not a comprehensive treatment available: there were lasers for stains, others for flushing or telangiectasias, peelings of different depths and more effective treatments like laser resurfacing. While these treatments were effective, they required a determined recuperation period. The need for this recovery time was the motivation for many patients refusing these types of solutions because they could not integrate themselves immediately back into their social and work obligations.

Nowadays people demand less aggressive treatments that allow them to return to work the same day, while at the same time being effective. One of the greatest innovations in this field is the IPL (intense pulsed light or non-ablative rejuvenation).

IPL (also called the cold laser) is a modern system of facial rejuvenation that emits a beam of light similar to a laser, but much more versatile because it can be modified depending on the type of problem to remove, its depth and the skin of the patient. Photo-rejuvenation with the IPL treats the entire surface of the face, hands, and neckline at the same time, instead of having to do separate treatment sessions for each isolated area of the face and for each specific coetaneous blemish. In this way a more uniform result and a fresher and younger look is achieved.

The complete treatment consists of around five sessions with each one marking an objective of results (for example the first sessions are done to remove lentigos and flushing and in the remaining sessions dermal collagen is stimulated to reduce pores and give freshness and firmness to the skin). Each session lasts around 20 minutes and should be done every three or four weeks.

""The great advantage of this system is rapid recuperation and that there is absolutely no pain. When the patient leaves the consultation after a session of IPL, they can note a sensation of heat and their skin is red for a short time, but the use of makeup is permitted. Later, at home, the patient should apply a specific treatment determined by the specialist to prevent aging. It is advisable to use a photo-protector or a solar filter to avoid tanning during the treatment,"" explained dermatologists from the Instituto Médico Láser, experts in the application of the facial IPL.

Photo-rejuvenation with IPL can be combined with other less aggressive techniques that do not require hospitalization, like facial fillers or the treatment of expression wrinkles.

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