LAFC I and II by IML

Laser Assisted Facial Contouring -LAFC I- (Remove volumes)


Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring -LAFC II- (Replenish volumes)

Autologous fat implants (LAFC II) are a facial technique recovered thanks to the enrichment with growth factors from the patient, which ensures their survival in the receiving area. An alternative to a conventional facelift, it recovers lost volumes in cheekbones, nasogenian fold, tear line or bitterness wrinkles. Its combination with the IML LAFC I technique, which removes the fallen fat in the lower and mid 1/3 of the face, recovering the face's the triangle of the youth, with the vertex in cheekbones and chin.

LAFC: Laser Assisted Facial Contouring and Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring

LAFC: Laser Assisted Facial Contouring and Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring

Structural Ageing

This takes place in maturity and is apparent from the age of 45 to 50, when the face suffers from specific alterations, which invert the facial structure of youth (a triangle formed by cheekbones and chin) and becomes a triangle determined by the jowls on both sides of the chin and nose, giving the face a grim and tired look.

  • Changes in bone tissue: The mid third suffers from atrophy of the jawbone in its anterior side and enlargement of the bone orifices in the nose (pyriform aperture).
  • Changes in muscle tissue: The lower third suffers from hypertrophy of the masseter and hypertonia of the risorius muscle and zygomatic bone, which causes blurring of the chin contour.
  • Changes in fat tissue: The passage of time and the action of gravity explain the redistribution of the fat parcels that make up the facial volumes. This new distribution decreases cheekbone projection, contributing to the collapse of the philtrum and malar in the mid third of the face. In the lower part, it gives rise to the appearance of marionette lines and a "sunken look" orjowled, a sub-herniation of the mouth fat, which disfigures the chin contour.
The sum of synergies: LAFC I + LAFC II



It is a facial contouring assisted by laser, which extracts the deforming fat with IML's own Lipolaser technique. This is a new procedure that is minimally invasive and allows for detailed profiling of the distorted features, reduction of the nasolabial folds and elimination of the fat accumulations on both sides of the chin. Immediate warming favours skin readjustment, as well as a rapid recovery, with minimal swelling and mild bruising. Its advantages are obvious:

  • Works on the source of the problem, which is the migration of the facial fat parcels.
  • It removes the fallen fat and allows for subsequent repositioning of the lost volumes.
  • It improves the skin's fit to the new contour.
  • It is an outpatient procedure, performed with local anaesthesia.
  • Involves a short downtime.
  • The results are natural.
IML's LAFC recovers lost volumes and removes droopy facial fat
IML's LAFC recovers lost volumes and removes droopy facial fat


Replenishes the lost volumes in cheekbones, malar region and maxillary region through Optimised Lipotransfer using stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. The technique requires two different types of prior extractions:

  • Of fatty material for the lipograft: The torso (abdomen, hips) is the donor area par excellence because it possesses the fat tissue with highest level of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with the ability to reproduce in any other cell lineage.
  • Of fatty material for stem cells.


  1. Lipoaspiration, 20 minutes.
  2. Extraction of Stem Cells in Stromal Vascular Fraction, 2 hours.
  3. Enriched lipotransfer to increase facial volumes, 40 minutes.


THE SUM OF LAFC I AND II EFFECTS PRODUCES: Recovered definition of the cheekbone and the mandibular line while smoothing out the philtrum and providing the cheekbone with a new glow. In the lower third, where the skin creasing is very noticeable, it improves the drained appearance of the cheek and decreases the deformity of the soft tissue on the chin contour by restoring the shape of the mandibular arch, as well as shortening and smoothing out the marionette lines.

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