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Laser-Assisted Facial Contouring

Facial ageing is the process by which the subcutaneous fat is displaced towards the chin and the triangle of youth is inverted. Thanks to the ever-growing knowledge of facial anatomy and the development of LAFC I and II techniques, it is now possible to eliminate the excesses droopy fat and restore volume where required.

What changes does facial ageing cause?

Current knowledge of facial ageing considers changes in the face both in the bones and tissues, caused by the downward displacement of subcutaneous fat. This is the most important feature of facial ageing, since it is responsible for others signs of ageing:

  • Volume reduction in the cheekbones
  • Drooping of the philtrum or a sombre expression
  • Labiomental folds or marionette lines
  • Sagging of the lower portion of the cheeks or sunken cheeks

What is the best method of restoring the face's appearance?

Laser-Assisted Facial Contouring (LAFC I) is a minimally invasive procedure aimed at treating the origin of the problem: fallen fat.

Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring (LAFC II) is a technique used to recover lost volume using autologous fat grafts or lipotransfer.

The combined synergies of Laser-Assisted Facial Contouring and Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring results in a defined and visibly more youthful face, by reducing the signs of facial ageing, recovering lost volume and improving flaccidity.

Laser.Assisted Facial Contouring eliminates the fallen fat

Laser-Assisted Facial Contouring eliminates the fallen fat

Benefits of Laser-Assisted Facial Contouring (LAFC I)

Laser-assisted facial contouring is a technique that meets all the requirements to make it the ideal alternative to other surgical procedures:

  • It eliminates the fallen subcutaneous fat (the root of the problem)
  • It contracts the adjacent skin, improving flaccidity
  • The recovery period is much shorter than for other surgical procedures
  • It is an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthetic
  • It minimises tissue trauma and postoperative oedemas

Laser-Assisted Facial Contouring (LAFC I). Procedure

  1. The surgeon draws over the displaced volumes with a marker: the fat causing nasolabial furrows, sunken cheeks, double chin or on the outline of the jowls.
  2. The local anaesthetic is injected.
  3. The skin is perforated with a needle. A dual laser optical fibre is inserted in the orifice and the fat dissolved, followed by skin contraction.
  4. Melted fat is drawn out with a cannula. 

Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring (LAFC II). Procedure

This technique consists of harvesting fat from the patient for implanting into the facial areas that have lost volume over the years.

  1. Donor fat harvesting. The fat is harvested using lipoaspiration on the abdomen or hips.
  2. Patient blood extraction. Following a centrifuge process, the growth factors are extracted from the patient's blood, these are mixed with the donor fat to enhance vascularisation and survival of the grafted fat.
  3. A cannula is inserted into a tiny incision and the fat is deposited, in the form of pearls at different depths.

LAFC I and LAFC II results

  • Reduction in the signs of facial ageing
  • Definition of the lower face, improving its triangulation and roundness
  • Natural appearance. The skin's appearance and texture are completely natural
  • Skin contraction, which improves flaccid skin

Would you like personalised information of LAFC I and LAFC II? Request a free informative consultation with one of our maxillofacial surgeons.