Laser Lipolysis (Arms)

24 hrs.
2 days

Flaccidity, loss of definition and fat accumulation are the main aesthetic problems concerning the arms. The Laser lipolysis or Lipolaser technique can treat these imperfections in a safe and effective manner, in just one session.

Causes of aesthetic problems on the arms

  • Ageing. The cellular metabolism decreases over the years. Generation of collagen and elastin fibres, responsible for supporting the skin and connecting it to the underlying tissue, is reduced and is generated at a lower frequency.
  • Hormonal changes. Loss of elasticity is a symptom of the alterations menopause causes on the skin.
  • Weight gain. The skin on the arms becomes deformed when the fat deposit is more than it can support.

The combination of these circumstances, added to the fragility of the inside area of the arms, gives rise on the one hand, to sagging fat and muscle mass, and on the other, to flaccidity, causing the "bat wing" effect or flabby skin.

Flaccidity and fat accumulation are the main aesthetic problems concerning the arms

Laser Lipolysis for Arms

Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive, high precision technique that achieves two goals in just one procedure:

  1. Destruction of the localised fat deposits, without affecting the adjacent tissue.
  2. Skin contraction, to readjust the new shape in a natural way.

Skin contraction on the arms is extremely important for the result to be satisfactory.

At IML, Laser lipolysis is performed using the Aspire® platform, a device that emits at two types of wavelength: 942 nm, optimal for selective destruction of the adipose tissue and 975 nm, which causes skin contraction.  This laser uses a fine and flexible cannula with an optical fibre on the end, which emits the laser energy.

What does the Laser lipolysis procedure on arms involve?

  1. It is performed under local tumescent Klein type anaesthetic. This solution provides an optimum vasoconstriction level to reduce bleeding.
  2. The physician adjusts the laser dosimetry, choosing the 924 nm wavelength.
  3. A small incision is made in one of the folds of the armpits, and the optical fibre is introduced, generating fat liquefaction as it comes into contact with the adipose tissue. Another incision may be required in some cases, also a very small one, in one of the folds of the elbow.
  4. The melted fat is removed by aspiration with a fine, 2 mm-thick cannula.
  5. The physician selects the 975 nm wavelength, which heats the water in the elastic fibres and the interstitial tissue, causing coagulation a collagen reorganisation, which is responsible for skin contraction.
  6. Once the procedure is complete, a compressive bandage is placed on the treated area.
  7. There is no need for admittance, so the patient can return home on the same day of the treatment. Recovery time is just 2 days.

What are the results achieved with Laser lipolysis for arms?

  • Volume correction
  • Flaccidity correction
  • Better defined arm contours
  • Natural and rejuvenated appearance

What other areas can be treated with Laser lipolysis?

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