Laser Lipolysis (Buttocks and Pelvis)

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Laser Lipolysis

Buttocks are an important part of a woman's overall beauty. In most of the cases, physical exercise and diet are not enough to maintain them firm and seductive. Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive treatment performed in just one session that corrects the main aesthetic problems associated with the buttocks.

Main aesthetic problems concerning the buttocks

The passing of time, abrupt changes in weight, sedentary lifestyle and hereditary factors are the causes of unsightly features on the buttocks:

  • Localised fat deposits:
    • Around the buttocks
    • Under the buttock (banana fold)
  • Cellulite
  • Flaccidity

What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis or Lipolaser is a minimally invasive technique designed to eliminate the accumulated fat and contract the skin, adapting it to the new contour. This treatment remodels the buttocks in effectively and with minimum trauma.

It is performed with a laser that emits two types of energy:

  • 924 nm. Is a wavelength absorbed by the fat with greater intensity.
  • 975 nm. Produces collagen and elastin coagulation, tightening the skin.

This energy is conducted through a very fine and flexible cannula, with an optical fibre on one end that selectively melts the fat, without affecting the surrounding tissue, while at the same time remodelling the elastic fibres in the skin, achieving skin tightening.

Laser lipolysis corrects aesthetic problems on the buttocks

Buttock contouring with Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis corrects all the aesthetic problems related to the buttocks in just one session, under local anaesthesia and in an outpatient procedure:

  • The dual laser energy melts the localised fat around the buttocks as well as the fat accumulated under the buttock fold.
  • The optical fibre allows the physician to work with the fatty tissue closest to the skin. This fat is distributed in the form of dimples, characteristic of cellulite, which is improved considerably following treatment.
  • The laser causes heating the regenerates the collagen and elastin fibres. Skin tenses and improves the flaccid skin.

Benefits of Laser Lipolysis

  • Skin retraction. The tensing effect of the laser prevents flaccidity, making the skin firm, smooth and even.
  • Short recovery time. The procedure is less traumatic than traditional methods, with much faster and comfortable patient recovery.
  • Reduced bleeding and bruising. The laser clots the blood vessels, which reduces bleeding and bruising.
  • Outpatient technique. There is no need for hospitalisation, so the patient can return to their normal daily routine in less time.
  • Local anaesthetic. Patient can be discharged in just an hour

Step by step laser lipolysis procedure on buttocks

  1. The physician infiltrates the tumescent Klein type anaesthetic.
  2. The physician inserts an optical fibre through a 3 mm incision. This fibre comes into contact with the fat to be eliminated and starts to melt it.
  3. A liposuction cannula, finer than those usually used, is inserted to suction the melted fat.
  4. The optical fibre is inserted once again to produce skin contraction.
  5. The patient remains awake at all times and can go home an hour after the procedure. The physician will recommend a compressive corset, which should be worn for 7 days and the patient can go back to work 48 hours later.


Laser lipolysis achieves harmonious buttocks, by removing the excess volume and providing the skin with firmness.

Results are visible after 1 or 2 weeks. However, your doctor with assess the long term permanent results, given that collagen regeneration is not an immediate process.

Laser lipolysis is a localised fat deposit removal treatment that can also be performed on:

Treatments at IML are personalised according to each patient´s characteristics. You can request an informative consultation with one of our medical experts.

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