Laser Lipolysis (Lipolaser®)

Laser lipolysis (Lipolaser®) is a technique based on the destruction of fat tissue through the trans-cutaneous application of a laser light that disintegrates the fat tissue. This effective and safe acting mechanism provides the benefits of laser, such as a coagulating effect, that reduces the risk of bleeding and the immediate skin tightening or retraction of the skin.

This aids treatment in the difficult areas for conventional liposuction, such as:

Laser lipolysis (Lipolaser®) is also effective in retouching prior liposuctions with an irregular result or poor skin behaviour. It requires no hospitalisation or major anaesthetic procedures and allows for reincorporation to normal activity in 24 hours.

For the application of laser lipolysis, Instituto Medico Laser has chosen SlimLipo Aspire®, a device specifically designed to destroy the fat tissue, able to generate an immediate skin contraction effect with a less traumatic action than in conventional liposuction.

Lipoláser, based on the destruction of fat tissue and skin tightening

Lipolaser, based on the destruction of fat tissue and skin tightening

SlimLipo Aspire allows for application in two wavelengths:

  • 920 nm is the most effective wavelength for the destruction of fat tissue without affecting the adjacent structures.
  • 975 nm is the most effective for heating the dermis water and the fat tissue, inducing a series of biological reactions that unchain the production of new collagen and skin tightening or retraction.

A flexible and ductile 1 mm thick optical fibre is introduced through a minimal incision; it intradermally guides the laser light, first to achieve lipolysis or destruction of the adipose tissue and finally to readjust the skin after emptying it of fat content.


  • The SlimLipo optical fibre selectively dissolves fat respecting the tissue structures, unlike conventional liposuction that can destroy surrounding tissue.
  • The coagulating effect of the laser avoids haematomas and significantly reduces bleeding.
  • The tissue contraction effect tenses the skin and avoids post-liposuction laxity, leaving the skin taut and with no contour deformities.
  • Laser lipolysis (Lipolaser®) is a less traumatic procedures, therefore recovery is faster.
  • The incision, which measures barely 1 mm, keep scarring to a minimum.
  •  Interventions in small and medium areas can be performed under local anaesthesia.
Lipolaser: Before and after
Lipolaser: Before and after

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