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The passing of time leaves signs in the form of neck wrinkles, double chin, sagging skin and flaccidity. IML has perfected Lift Express, a technique that achieves effective and natural results, with minimum impact to the patient.

What is Lift Express?

Lift Express is minimally invasive surgical technique aimed at tightening the neck skin and redefining the facial profile.

It is based on treating the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System or SMAS, a fascia or layer situated directly under the skin that interlinks the facial muscles.

The SMAS is the system responsible for the position and tension of the facial structure. It looses its tautness with age, causing sagging of the facial muscles, resulting in flaccid skin.

Lift Express redefines the facial profile

Lift Express redefines facial profile and tightens neck skin

What are the indications of Lift Express?

This technique is indicated in patients over 40, for cases of facial and neck flaccidity, and where there are no major fat accumulations on the face.

What does the technique involve?

1. Treatment with autologous growth factors

At IML, the first step consists of applying growth factors harvested from the patient's own blood, which enhance tissue repair and reduce swelling and bleeding.

2. Lift Express

  • This is an outpatient procedure, performed under local anaesthesia.
  • A 1 cm incision is performed around the ear lobe with a CO2 laser, continuing behind the ear, very close to the pinna.
  • Two or three centimetres of skin are separated.
  • The SMAS is isolated and re-anchored to the occipital bone. This gentle SMAS traction repositions the face and neck muscles without tensing the skin, aiding in reduced scarring.

What are the advantages of Lift Express compared to a traditional facelift?

  • The growth factors assure faster recovery.
  • The CO2 laser reduces the risk of bruising and bleeding, due to its coagulant effect.
  • Results are much more natural, since Lift Express repositions the facial muscles while traditional facelifts only stretch the skin.

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