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2/3 hrs.
4 days

Lift Express, developed in California and improved by Instituto Medico Laser is a minimally invasive technique which obtains natural results, without risk of bleeding or bruising and no hospitalisation.

The Lift Express technique is aimed at tensing the face and neck skin as well as defining the jowl and facial profile. It is specially indicated in cases of neck and lower face flaccidity, providing the cervical region is not excessively fatty. It is an ideal treatment for over 40 year olds.

Lift Express is aimed at tensing face and neck skin

Lift Express is aimed at tensing face and neck skin

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic without sedation or hospitalisation.

The intervention consists of:

  • A 1 cm incision around the earlobe is performed. It encompasses the soft area where earrings are worn and continues behind the auricular concha.
  • Through this incision, two or three centimetres of skin are separated from the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), this is the tissue just under the skins which covers and joins the facial muscles. The SMAS is essential for terse skin and its folding is the key Lift Express technique.
  • After isolating the SMAS, it is divided into two parts and re-anchored onto a very resistant position in the occipital fascia, behind the earlobe. The skin is repositioned to its original state and excess is removed. Since no tension is used, scars are guaranteed to be invisible.
  • The front of the earlobe is sutured with invisible intradermic monocryl and the back with very fine threads that are removed six days after the intervention.

IML's contribution to the Lift Express technique is two-fold:

  • On the one hand, it carries out a session with platelet-rich plasma which assures immediate recovery and invisibility of the sutures.
  • On the other hand, IML provides its experience in the application of CO2 Active FX laser for incisions and given that this device coagulates as it cuts, the risk of bleeding, inflammation and bruising is minimal.

Lift Express is a safe technique which lasts no more than 50 minutes; reduces the risk of bleeding, bruising and inflammation; is an ambulatory procedure and recovery is very fast. Its benefits exceed those of traditional facelifts in all their combinations.

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