Lip Lift

Lips are an important feature of our image. They take part in communication and their appearance can reveal a person's age. A narrow upper lip with an elongated philtrum is a sign of facial ageing. IML presents Lip Lift, a technique that provides the top lip with a youthful appearance.

What effects does the passing of time have on the lips?

Age produces changes in the mouth and its surroundings:

  • Sinking of the upper jaw, where the bone structure loses projection.
  • Loss of tone in the orbicularis oris muscle of the mouth. This muscle allows the mouth to close, blow, kiss and whistle. Laxity in this muscle causes inversion of the top lip, which rolls in towards the teeth instead of protruding outwards.
  • Elongation of the philtrum. The philtrum is a cleft extending from the nose to the upper lip. During childhood, the philtrum is short and the upper lip is upturned and full. As time passes, the philtrum becomes elongated and the top lip narrows.

What is Lip Lift?

It is a minimally invasive surgery aimed at lifting the upper lip to restore volume and a youthful appearance. Lip Lift raises the lip, shortens the philtrum and increases the vermilion border.

Lip Lift is aimed at lifting the upper lip

Lip Lift is aimed at lifting the upper lip to restore volume and a youthful appearance

What does Lip Lift consist of?

  • It is an outpatient technique, performed under local anaesthesia.
  • An incision is made inside the nose, extending from one nostril wing to the other.
  • A plasty is performed using CO2 laser with partial coagulation of the orbicularis oris muscle, causing a retraction of the muscle without dissecting it.
  • Part of the surplus skin on the philtrum after partial coagulation of the muscle is resected.
  • An invisible intradermal suture is placed, which is removed 7 days later.

What are the results achieved with Lip Lift?

Lip Lift achieves rejuvenation of the upper lip's expression, elevating it and shortening the philtrum, a typical appearance of youth.

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