Lipotransfer Optimised for buttock volume augmentation

24 hrs.
3 days

The autologous fat graft is the safest and most compatible filler used to increase buttock volume. IML has optimised the procedure, by enriching the fat tissue with growth factors to guarantee its survival in the recipient site.

What is optimised lipotransfer?

Lipotransfer or lipograft is the implanting of autologous fat for localised volume augmentation.

To date, these autologous fat implants generally required more than one session, given that the grafted fat was reabsorbed by the organism.

Lipotransfer optimisation consists of enriching the fat to be used as a filler with autologous growth factors, which are obtained from the patient's own blood. These growth factors stimulate vascularisation of the graft and, therefore, help it to establish in the recipient site.

Lipotransfer is the implanting of autologous fat for localised volume augmentation

Lipotransfer is the implanting of autologous fat for localised volume augmentation

What are the indications for optimised buttock lipotransfer?

  • Elevation and volume augmentation aimed at achieving latino buttocks or general improvement of flat buttocks.
  • Asymmetry corrections. Hereditary factors and certain surgeries can cause differences in buttock size.
  • Buttock shape and size repair following lesions or trauma after motor vehicle accidents.

What does treatment involve?

1. Donor fat harvesting

As far as possible, donor fat is harvested from the abdomen or hips, since these areas contain the highest percentage of mesenchymal stem cells, capable of reproducing into any other cell lineage.

Fat is extracted through lipoaspiration with a cannula measuring at least 3 mm in diameter, to avoid trauma in the adipocytes. Once the fat is obtained, at IML we apply dual power laser for an even elimination of the fat tissue and homogeneous skin retraction.

2. Obtaining growth factors

Growth factors are obtained from the patient's own blood, after centrifugation the blood separates into different fractions, according to density. The fraction free from white and red blood cells is platelet-rich. This fraction contains the growth factors and is responsible, among others, or generating new blood vessels.

3. Donor fat optimisation

The growth factors are mixed with the harvested donor fat, to favour its vascularisation and enhance its survival in the recipient site.

4. Lipotransfer

Donor fat is deposited into the recipient site through a couple of 2 mm incisions in distal areas with a cannula, in pearl-form at different depths to expedite colonisation.

An optimised lipotransfer takes approximately 90 minutes.

What are the results achieved?

Results are immediately visible, although the definitive results should be evaluated after 6 months.

The result is rounded buttocks and natural volume increase, both in appearance and texture.

Do you have any questions concerning optimised lipotransfer? Request an informative consultation with one of our medical experts.

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