Mesotherapy is considered the classic of Aesthetic Medicine.

The technique consists in the intradermal or subcutaneous administration of small doses of different homeopathic substances via multiple injections (either by injection gun or manual) applied to the area to be treated.

The main therapeutic effects of mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite are:

  • Activation of local circulation.
  • Improvement of tissue oxygenation.
  • Lipolysis stimulation.
  • Alteration adipocyte wall permeability.
  • Refirming the tissues.
Mesotherapy treats the cellulite and reaffirms the tissues
Mesotherapy treats the cellulite and reaffirms the tissues


In cellulite, the activity of mesotherapy has been clearly contrasted with that of other techniques. The effects take place rapidly and are long lasting (but not permanent). The mean number of applications is 10 sessions (1 session per week) lasting 10 to 15 minutes each, although this time will vary depending on the area to be treated, the type of cellulite, and the progression time. Once the initial treatment is completed, regular booster sessions are recommended (generally once a month).

Mesotherapy must be administered by healthcare personnel specialised in the application of the technique and under medical supervision, under extreme aseptic conditions (skin preparation with antiseptic, sterile gloves and single use disposable material). Under these strict asepsis conditions and with the proper care, complications are rare (with the exception of the post-injection dots left at the injection site and occasionally small haematomas that will fade away spontaneously).

On occasions, some of the substances used may cause a minimal local allergic reaction that recedes in just a few days with the proper treatments. The identification of the responsible product is mandatory to avoid its use in following sessions.

Treatments at IML are personalised according to each patient's characteristics. You can request an informative consultation with one of our medical experts.

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