Microscopic odontology

The Unit of Microscopic Odontology of Instituto Médico Láser is not a conventional unit. Dental repair work using the microscope requires excellent finishes, well above those achieved by conventional techniques, avoiding frequent problems such as gum inflammation around covers or dark lines along the borders of prosthetic restorations.

Microscopy helps achieve precise crafting and adjustments. Microscopy is employed in the surgery of soft or hard tissue (gum surgery or bone tissue) and in endodoncy, repair odontology (fillers). Microscopy is also an important part of prosthetic work, since excellence is hard to achieve not only because of the greater or lesser artificiality in the transparency and the colour of the pieces to repair, but also because the gum might reject the prosthesis.

The Dental Unit of Instituto Médico Láser woks with one of the best internationally renown laboratories in the field of dental prosthesis that employs microscopy in their manufacturing processes, which provides excellent transparency and colour imitation.

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