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To date, stretch marks have been a serious aesthetic problem which was very difficult to correct. Traditional treatments to improve stretch marks consisted in topical products such as glycolic acid or vitamin C and dermabrasion, which is very aggressive and can cause hyperpigmentation.

Instituto Medico Laser has developed Striae Repair, a protocol based on its experience with Non Ablative Fractional Laser 1540 and the strategic combination of other treatments, such as bio stimulation with vitamins and trace elements or the application of infrared light.

What is stretch marks?

Stretch marks are atrophic scars caused by the skin stretching which occurs with intense prolonged increases and reductions in body volume, in circumstances such as

  • pregnancy
  • sudden weight changes
  • when taking corticoids
  • during the fast development in puberty
  • certain illnesses, such as Cushing's syndrome

Skin distension alters and breaks the collagen and elastin fibres that make up the skin structure, replacing them with new destructured fibromas, resulting in stretch marks.

Stretch marks occurs in circumstances such as pregnancy

Stretch marks occurs in circumstances such as pregnancy

What are the Different Types of Stretch Marks?

It has been proven that the best time to treat stretch marks is in their initial stages. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the aesthetic problem from increasing. Stretch marks, according to their degree of development, can be classified as follows:


Stretch marks appear as lines of skin in a red or violet tone and on occasion slightly elevated. This aspect is maintained for about 10 months and can be accompanied by local stinging.


After time, the stretch marks turn white and on occasion are slightly indented. There is a loss of collagen in the dermis and a reduction in elastic fibres, leaving the skin texture thin and fine.

Striae Repair Treatment

According to the degree of the stretch mark and the associated problems, Striae RepairIML uses different techniques:

Non Ablative Fractional Infrared Laser 1540 (1540 Laser):

The only laser tool approved by the FDA for the treatment of stretch marks, with an acknowledged effectiveness of 75%. This device delivers energy in the shape of columns that penetrate at more than 1 mm deep and remodels the atrophic collagen and elastin, reduces the altered microvascularisation of the stretch mark and improves its colour. This energy does not cause epidermal damage, so the skin's surface remains intact.

Bio stimulation

With vitamins and trace elements such as organic silicon, nutritive substances that induce fibroblast activity, the generation of new cells and nutrition of the tissues, constituting a reinforcement to maximise repair of the striated skin.

Striae Repair I:

Indicated for new stretch marks, red or violet in tone. It combines the action of 1540 Laser with that of Pulsed colouring Laser, specially for the colour red.

Striae Repair II:

Designed for mature stretch marks, white or pearly in tone. It combines 1540 Laser with Bio stimulation with nutritive substances.

Striae Repair III:

Ideal for the improvement of stretch marks and their associated flaccidity. It combines 1540 Laser with Bio stimulation with nutritive substances and the action of Deep IR infrared.

Stretch marks treatment: before and after

Stretch marks treatment: before and after

This exclusive IML protocol establishes a minimum of 4 sessions, spaced every three weeks. After application of each session, the skin will be slightly red which remits after a few days and the only care required is the application of sun screen on the treated area.

Striae RepairIML achieves short and long term results: improvement is evident from the first session, but up to six months may pass for the process of collagen and elastin regeneration to be complete, since this is not an immediate process. Therefore, the final results are obvious after this period.

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