Subdermal Therapy

Subdermal Therapy by IMLSubdermal therapy treats local areas in women who have problems with their skin texture or the so called “orange peel look” and also flaccidness problems.

Basically, the method consists of an aspirative massage that produces drainage of fat tissue while stimulating at the same time microcirculation and the elastic fibres of the skin.

As a consequence of this aspirative effect, the “knots” that pull from the orange peel skin inwards are eliminated, massaging the skin, correcting the flaccidness and producing a volume decrease.

Subdermal therapy is very effective to treat cellulitis in:

  • Muscles
  • Internal aspect of the legs
  • Internal aspect of the arms

It can also be applied using a small application piece that permits application in the face and neck and in the cellulitis of the cleavage area.

The ideal treatment are two weekly sessions over a ten week period. To maintain the results obtained, the patient is instructed to return to the clinic for a monthly maintenance session.

Subdermal therapy is usually applied in combination with mesotherapy and weight loss diet programmes. At present subdermal therapy is the most effective therapeutic alternative for the treatment of cellulitis.

Cellulitis, a classic problem with contrasted solutions

The term cellulitis is defined as a localised accumulation of fat that produces an alteration in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, giving rise to the typical “orange peel look”. Cellulitis can develop as easily in thin as in obese people, but mainly in women.

Nutritional habits that are altered by the substitution of the Mediterranean diet by dietary habits imported from other countries favour the development of cellulitis. Other more influencing factors are the genetic load of the patient and a sedentary style of life.

Subdermal Therapy consist of an aspirative massage thtat produces drainage of fat tissue

Subdermal Therapy consists of an aspirative massage thtat produces drainage of fat tissue

Mesotherapy and subdermal therapy (Silhouette)

Are two medically consolidated medical techniques with contrasted and very satisfactory results after years of clinical experience.


Consists in the administration of natural substances (in no case hormones) through microinjections administered into the affected area, which produces a decreased volume in the treated area. Treatment consists of a minimum of 10 weekly sessions.

Subdermal therapy

Consists of an aspiration massage applied by specifically trained health personnel. This massaging produces a drainage of fat tissue and stimulates microcirculation and elastic fibres in the skin, correcting flaccidness and improving body contour. The treatment recommended consists of a minimum of 10 weekly sessions.

The best results are achieved when these two treatment modalities are applied together for a global approach to the problem. Normally, the patient goes down between one and two sizes, locally in the area that needs correction. After the complete treatment, it is sufficient to have one monthly combined session of mesotherapy and LPG to maintain the results indefinitely.

Nonetheless, it is essential to pay close attention to your diet. Instituto Médico Láser offers its patients the possibility to benefit from an individualised approach under the supervision of Dr Martínez Riquelme, a specialist in endocrinology and nutrition and an expert in this type of treatments. Dr Martínez will advice you in the most appropriate nutritional approach to follow to eliminate and prevent the reappearance of cellulitis.

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