Super Vein Removal (SVR)

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Spider veins or telangiectasias are fine calibre varicose veins, a female problem linked to the oestrogenic nature of women.

Although it may seem paradoxical, many patients with this type of varicose veins are more resistant to treatment than for the more severe, larger calibre veins.

This occurs because spider veins are the visible dilations of a very dense underlying vascular network in the dermis, causing them to accumulate high venous pressure.

Spider veins are a female problem linked to the estrogen

Spider veins are a female problem linked to the estrogen

Female spider veins have their peculiar characteristics:

  • They are caused by the dilation of very fine calibre venules (less than 1.5 mm).
  • The volume of circulating blood inside them is very low.
  • They tend to have high pressure, which often makes them resistant to treatments.
  • They correspond to the superficial venous plexus, so they are quite obvious.
  • The deeper they are, the darker or bluer they appear and those closer to the surface appear red.
  • They are typical of women, related to their oestrogen levels.
  • It is quite frequent for them to worsen during pregnancy or with the intake of anovulatory drugs.
  • They do not subside on their own, but gradually increase, and their bunch shape becomes longer and more extended.

Treatment of varicosite veins

From 2002, IML has been treating the condition with Photodynamic Varicose Vein Therapy, an international patent developed by IML together with the Complutense University of Madrid. This technique can eliminate thick or thin calibre varicose veins.

The therapeutic margin for treatment of fine vessels with laser is narrow, as it requires higher skin tolerance, skin that is usually somewhat atrophic due to the presence of the telangiectasias.

Considering the particular characteristics of this aesthetic vascular problem, the experts in venous pathology at IML have developed a specific clinical protocol to optimise treatment of spider veins in women, the Super Vein Removal.

Super Vein Removal

This is a specific treatment designed for treatment of spider veins in women with calibres under 1.5 mm, based on the new Synchro HP laser for varicose veins, a specific laser for these treatments.


  • No skin alterations.
  • No pain or discomfort.

What Super Vein Removal consists of?

Based on type II laser treatment: Dynamic or in movement, Super Vein Removal consists of an infiltration stage with polidocanol microfoam (the same as in our Photodynamic Varicose Vein Therapy), followed by laser delivery. And this is its distinguishing feature:

  • Energy delivery with Super Vein Removal is carried out at a low power emission and high repetition rate (8 triggers per second), moving the system over the skin at a speed of 3 cm per second and performing a total of 5 passes over the vessels to be eliminated.
  • Energy is gradually released due to the low fluence of the pulses used, preventing fast thermal propagation from the blood vessels, conserving the epidermis.
  • Successive passes produce an accumulation of total effective power much higher than the skin would tolerate in a conventional treatment, reaching superior efficiency rates, no skin alterations and elimination of the problem in a single session, all painless.
IML performs a two-year follow up of patients to verify the upkeep of the outcome.

Before and after treatment of varicose veins
Before and after treatment of varicose veins


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