Novashape Ultracavitation treatment at IMLUltracavitation consists of a non-invasive medical treatment that combats localised fat and cellulite through the application of ultrasounds.

He emission of ultrasounds on the skin’s external surface produces pressure changes in the interstitial fluid of the adipose tissue, generating microbubbles (cavities) that first implode and then burst. This exceedingly high pressure destroys the fat cells. The fat content of these cells or triglycerides are fragmented into diglycerides are naturally eliminated through the urinary and lymphatic systems.


  • It is a painless and safe treatment.
  • Does not require surgery.
  • Visible results in the first weeks of treatment.
  • Very useful in treatment of superficial fat and non-volumetric fat accumulation.

Treatment duration

Each Ultracavitation session has lasts for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the areas treated.

It is applied directly onto the skin, after applying a conducting gel. Once the Ultracavitation application is finished, an intense Pressotherapy or Endermology drainage is recommended for at least 10 to 15 minutes. At IML, every Ultracavitation treatment includes a complementary Pressotherapy or Endermology drainage free of charge.

The ideal number of sessions is between 8 and 12, performed weekly or fortnightly.


  • Visible results from the first sessions.
  • Gradual improvement of the quality of orange peel skin.
  • A few days after the first session, a reduction in volume of fat accumulation is evident.

In cases of lipodystrophy (fat on thighs and hips), infiltration of the tissue –prior to treatment- with a small amount of hyposomolar solution to increase the effect of cavitation can be interesting. This complementary technique to Ultracavitation is known as Hydrolipoclasy and should be performed under strict medical control.

The expert corporal cosmetic medicine physician at IML will establish the suitability and type of Ultracavitation technique to be applied to each patient.

Instituto Medico Laser is one of the consulting centres in the study of safety and control of magnetic resonance results, establishing the bases and optimising treatment protocols for this innovative alternative therapy.

For personalised information of Ultracavitation treatment, contact IML now and we will give you a free informative consultation with one of our medical experts.

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