Vectus: The best Laser Diode

Vectus™ is a new laser for hair removal developed by the R+D+I at Palomar Medical Inc., the leading company in patent design for laser treatments in close collaboration with the Wellman Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, the best laser research centre worldwide.

The Palomar Medical Inc. headquarters are at Monte Palomar, near NASA's first launch sites.

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Vectus is the most effective and safest Diode laser to date

VectusTM is the most effective and safest Diode laser to date


Technical features of Vectus™

  • 4500 w power compared to the 1600 of Light Sheer diode, which they also developed 12 years ago.
  • Photo-Recycling system of 25% the energy reflected by the skin.
  • With a gentle pulse action, designed to reach the stem cells in the hair follicle.

The benefits of Vectus™

  1. Greater long term efficiency in each session's results.
  2. Reduces the number of sessions required.
  3. More effective on fine and fair hair than any other laser on the market to date.

    These benefits are due to:

    • A maximum power output over twice high as any previous laser hair removal.
    • A short pulse delivery capacity with high energy concentration.
    • 25% more heating of the follicle due to Photo-Recycling.
    • A plateau type pulse known as gentle pulse, that prevents heat peaks and therefore burning; facilitating heat diffusion to the stem cells in the hair follicle.
  4. It has a broad therapeutic safety margin, due to:
    • Even plateau triggering with no hot spots.
    • Better cooling capacity at 0º, reducing the skin to -10ºC.
    • An optical meter of the skin melanin density and automatic parameter adjustment.
  5. It also hurts less, or rather, it is painless.
  6. Each session lasts less minutes than with any other laser, due to the large spot size of VectusTM: 8.7 cm2.
A Vectus session lasts less due to the large spot size
A VectusTM session lasts less due to the large spot size

Vectus™ combines the optimised features of Diode laser:

  • Wave Length.
  • Pulse width.
  • Power.
  • Spot Size.
  • Cooling power.

Selective Photothermolysis Extended Theory

All based on the Selective Photothermolysis Extended Theory, designed by Altshuler at Palomar and Rox Anderson at Wellman Institute.

This theory is based on TDT (Thermal Damage Time), which is the time needed to destroy the stem cells surrounding the hair follicle from the heat generated in the hair shaft, loaded with melanin that absorbs the light.

A good example of this situation is varicose vein laser treatment: the chromophore is the blood, but our targets are the vessel walls. The same occurs with hair removal, our targets are the stem cells, but our chromophore is the hair shaft and the matrix, both loaded with pigment.

The hair shaft contains pigments but the stem cells do not, and the only way to destroy them is through the diffusion of heat from the structures that can assimilate light. Therefore, the Extended Theory of Selective Photothermolysis is important in the treatment of targets at a distance from the chromophore.

In brief, the benefits of Vectus™ to the patient are:

  • The huge 8.7 cm2 spot size stands out in comparison to the 1.44 cm2 spot size of Light Sheer diode laser. This means that treatments only take a quarter of the time. A session on the legs, bikini-line or armpits takes 10 minutes. Back, chest and abdomen, 30 minutes.
  • Risk free.
  • With maximum efficacy.
  • Painless treatment or almost painless without the use of EMLA.
  • Highly effective on fine and fair hair.

SKINTEL™ to measure the pigmentation content in the skin

Additionally, SKINTEL™ allows users to measure the pigmentation content in the skin before treatment, providing a guide to choosing the energy test employed at home for each case and specific patient.

Skintel measures the pigmentation content in the skin before setting the laser hair removal parameters.

SkintelTM measures the pigmentation content in the skin before setting the laser hair removal parameters

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