Vela Smooth

Vela Smooth is a conceptual combination of the ideal tools for the treatment of orange-peel skin in a measurable way according to the patient’s needs.

It combines four different technologies in one as it applies a deep tissue massage using rotating rollers, whilst it performs a light sucking pressure on the skin that helps eliminate the vertical cellulite tracts. Added to this synergy is the treatment of collagen and elastic fibres via the application of radiofrequency and ending the treatment with an infrared light emission that heats up the skin and induces vascularization.

Vela Smooth is a combination of tools for the treatment of orange-peel skin


Vela Smooth is a combination of tools for the treatment of orange-peel skin

Vacuum therapy

Obtains a mobilization of the vertical elastic and collagen fibres that anchor the dermis to the muscular fascia and creating the “orange-peel” effect. By increasing the distance between the subcutaneous plane and the skin we produce an important cosmetic improvement. Vacuum therapy or suction pressure produce an increase in peripheral blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic circuits. The results in skin with cellulite that suffers poor peripheral vascularization are excellent.

Infrared light

Causes a heating of the skin that modifies its resistance. The higher the temperature is, the lower the resistance to the electric current circulation and therefore creating greater impedance. The changes in temperature aid the radiofrequency circulation in focusing on the previously heated areas. At the same time, the application of infrared and its heat deposit is followed by and activation of the basal cellular metabolism in the dermal tissue and the adipose tissue. This creates greater oxygenation of the cells and improved metabolic interchange that is translated into a notable reduction of the cellulite.


Is a treatment by which electric currents are applied to the skin structure, its aim is twofold: on the one hand, a direct lipolytic effect is obtained through direct heating of the fat cells and due to the adipose tissue’s sensitivity to an increase in temperature. The internal heating of the deep dermis layer starts a metabolic chain reaction in the fibroblasts.

This is definitive in the case of radio frequency since the fibroblast cellular elements of the skin synthesize the collagen and elastic fibres, responsible for forming skin structure. With greater fibroblast activity, the skin’s appearance is improved as far as laxity and structure is concerned.

Radio frequency supplies internal heating of the deep dermis and stimulates the metabolism, obtaining a lipolytic effect.

It main function is fibroblast stimulation to produce collagen and elastin and increase the tissue tone and therefore augmenting firmness.

By combining these treatments, the orange-peel skin is diminished; the figure becomes more shapely and reduced and the critically lax regions are attack with great efficiency.

The areas recommended for this treatment are the thighs and buttocks, knees and internal area of the arms. Treatment of double chins can also be very useful applying the special headpieces for small body regions.

IML proposes 10 to 20 treatments with Vela Smooth and carried out a study of the ideal therapeutic combinations with complementary treatments according to each patient’s individual needs.

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