Three technologies combined against the cellulite VelaShape™ is the new medical, non-surgical solution. This method is safe and efficient for the treatment of cellulite using the revolutionary Elōs technology that reduces the layers of fat, the body's circumference and orange peel skin.

VelaShape™ combines the power of Elōs technology (bipolar radiofrequency and infrared light) with vacuum therapy or mechanical massage performed with a suctioning system. The combined use of these methods increases the metabolism of accumulated fat, stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces cellulite. It is applied with specially designed rollers to gently massage the skin as well as to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery.

Velashape is safe and efficient method for the treatment of cellulite

Velashape is safe and efficient method for the treatment of cellulite


  • VelaShape™ is a non-invasive treatment and therefore does not require a period of downtime after application. Patients can resume their normal daily routine immediately.
  • The combination of the VelaShape™ techniques reduces the body circumference and fights cellulite in the most efficient, fast and safe method.
  • It is a painless treatment, leaving just a slight heat sensation on the treated area after application.
  • The treatment is safe for all skin types.
  • It is the ideal post-pregnancy and post-liposuction treatment since the combined VelaShape™ techniques work against flaccidity and fat deposits, reshaping the treated area and restoring the skin’s smoothness.

VelaShape™ can be applied on different body areas such as legs, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, love handles or arms. It has two interchangeable heads designed for larger or smaller body areas.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and a course of eight treatment sessions is the recommended average for satisfactory results.

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