Augmentation Labiaplasty

With the passage of time, there is a loss of collagen and supporting tissue throughout the body. This is especially pronounced in the female genital walls and organs and causes looseness and atrophy in all the structures. As a consequence, turgidity and filling of the outer labia decrease, which can cause an aesthetic problem with flabby and empty outer labia.

 Augmentation Labiaplasty corrects flaccidity and lack of volume in te outer labia

Augmentation Labiaplasty corrects flaccidity and lack of volume in the outer labia

What does outer labia cosmetic surgery consist of?

Outer labia correction is very straightforward:

If the patient has flabby outer labia, laser removes the excess skin. Only local anaesthetic is required.

Augmentation Labiaplasty

Augmentation Labiaplasty

When the outer labia lack volume, it can be augmented using two techniques:

  1. Outer labia filler with fat injection via optimised lipotransfer, this uses fat extracted from another part of the patient's body.
  2. Outer labia filler with hyaluronic acid injection, which requires refills every two years to maintain the result.

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