Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aesthetic Gynaecology is a sub-specialty of Gynaecology aimed at improving the quality of our patients intimate relationships and the aesthetics of their intimate body areas. As gynaecological medical specialists, experts in these treatments, we go one step further in our clinical practice to meet current patient demands, not only related to gynaecological health, but also with their sexual satisfaction and the search for beauty. The use of laser in this broad area of intimate or vaginal surgery has opened up the field in treatment of external lesions of the genitalia.

The latest advances allow us to deal with vaginal hypermobility, urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy using specific lasers. At IML, we offer our patients a complete range of treatments in the field of intimate surgery (vulvovaginal restructuring and rejuvenation), using state-of-the-art laser technology, that requires only local anaesthetic, without hospitalization and with a minimum postoperative recovery at home.

All this is in response to the ever-growing demand from female patients -the majority aged between 30 and 60- for solutions to this type of aesthetic and functional problems.

Dr. Javier Moreno Moraga
Dra. Josefina Royo de la Torre

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