Facial hair removal in woman

Facial hair removal achieves the best results when the hair is thick or slightly thick. At present, fine and light coloured hairs cannot be removed by laser.

Based on our experience here at IML, the best systems for facial hair removal are: Photoderm, Quantum and Epilight. These three systems emit intense pulsed light, offering great versatility and unlike simple lasers, their operation is much more complex.
At the beginning of the treatment, sessions are performed every five weeks, then after six weeks and so on successively. Time interval between sessions is only increased in the results allow for such increase. The patient does not need to wait to come to the session until all the hair has grown back.

The amount of “activable” hair in the face of human beings is superior to that of other body areas. Because of this, the number of sessions required to remove facial hair is superior to that required by other areas, with an established protocol of about 6 to 8 sessions minimum. Facial hair in women is subjected to hormone changes. Hence, we cannot ensure a total clearance of hair, as female hormone changes can generate the growth of new hair throughout the life of the patient. Also, the results of facial hair removal can be extremely influenced by hormone imbalance that might required additional treatment on occasions, apart from the standard treatment for hair removal.

Dr. Javier Moreno Moraga
Dra. Josefina Royo de la Torre

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