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ABOUT instituto medico laser

Instituto Médico Láser (IML) is a Multidisciplinary Medical Center equipped with state-of-the-art technology located in Madrid where we address all kinds of medical-aesthetic problems.


Our medical staff is very complete and is formed by Plastic Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists, Medical Doctors Specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Stomatologists, Ophthalmologists and Nutritionists.

As for all staff, both the healthcare and patient care personnel stand out for their high level of training, their great capacity for teamwork and their willingness to always offer the best care to each patient.

IML’s therapeutic offer maintains the global aesthetic concept approach with the help of a wide technological platform.


IML´s basic values

Since the beginnings of our medical activity in 1996, our aim has been to offer our patients the highest levels of quality of patient care, based on three fundamental pillars: the continuous training of our professionals, investment in the most avant-garde technical equipment and personalized patient care.

The synergy between the advanced training of medical and healthcare personnel and the platform of laser systems and complete and very up-to-date treatment equipment are two factors that share a common objective: to offer the best standards of quality patient care.

In current Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery, experience and cutting-edge technology maintain an important reciprocal function, since the last generation medical technology must be used, indicated and applied with a high level of scientific training and sufficient clinical experience

1. Experiencie

Practicing aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery since 1996.

2. Personalized attention

We adapt the treatments according to the specific needs of each patient.

3. Medical assessment

Highly qualified doctors always available

4. Technical Equipement

First laser platform in Spain and one of the most important laser platforms of Europe.

5. Innovation

IML owns the patent of TFDV, besides designing its own protocols.

6. Continuous training

Permanent improvements in the formation of our team of professionals.

7. More than 125.000 patients

They have trusted us for 20 years.

8. Location

We are located in the heart of Madrid.

9. Prestige

Recognition in leading international medical journals.

10. Facilities

More than 3,000 m2 of exclusive ambiance.

history IML

Founded as a Center of Aesthetics and Phlebology in 1983, it has always had a great concern for the areas of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, great beneficiaries of technological advances. Already back then, 2 lasers, ultrasonic liposculpture, cryo-phlebectomy by NO2, among others, demonstrated the commitment to the most advanced technology.
In 1996 the center changed its name to Instituto Médico Láser, expanded its facilities and in January 1999 had 8 lasers, a unit of major ambulatory surgery and 5 new specialists who joined its staff. From this moment on, the equipment endowment allows its professionals to give multiple training courses for national and foreign doctors, and therefore, become a reference center for the methodology of their implementation.

Instituto Médico Láser (IML) has always considered the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery as a multidisciplinary field in which the contribution from different disciplines allowed to offer its patients comprehensive and complete therapeutic procedures, based on the scientific knowledge of multiple medical fields, a fantastic supply of technological equipment and a well maintained facilities.
Always without overlooking a continuous demand for participation and communication with the international scientific community. In addition, the volume of patients and the spirit of excellence allowed the centre to reach a research agreement with the Complutense University of Madrid, through the Multidisciplinary Centre (Unidad de Láseres y Haces Moleculares).

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