Confocal Microscopy Course at IML


Confocal Microscopy Course at IML


Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) is a non-invasive, painless technique that allows for high-resolution, real-time observation of the skin at different depths. It provides fast and precise information without histological cutting.

Instituto Medico Laser has the Vivascope 1500 unit amongst its technical equipment, an efficient tool for the observation of live tissue and the examination of cell structures and their functioning.

It is a microscopy system based on the conjugation of focal planes (confocal) or the elimination of the light from planes above and below the focal planes, which increases the clarity and resolution of the image. It is made up of an infrared laser with a wavelength of 830 Nm. It is completely innocuous to the human body.

The infrared light penetrates in each of the skin layers at a depth of 200 to 300 microns. It affects each individual cell where it is reflected, creating digital images, which provide information about the structure and composition of each skin layer.

The melanin and keratin act as natural contrasting agents due to their high refraction rate. Theses images allow checking of the density of the keratin and melanin in the superficial skin layers, the shape of cells and collagen fibres organisation in the deeper layers.

Vivascope 1500 offers a vast spectrum of medical and aesthetic applications

  • Photo rejuvenation: IML uses Confocal Laser Microscopy for the diagnosis of skin ageing caused by exposure to sunlight and the passing of the years. This technology measures the thickness of the stratum cornea, the size of its insulas, the shape of the cells and organisation of the collagen, allowing for a very precise diagnosis of any pathology as well as its treatment.
  • Melanoma and pigmented lesions: With early detection, pathologies such as melanomas, actinic keratosis or basal cell carcinoma can be diagnosed using the defined and testing criteria. Confocal microscopy can be used to measure the increase in density and depth of the pigment and the thickness of the epidermis, due to environmental factors or cosmetic treatments. In the same line, it is very useful for follow up of the therapeutic results in the treatment of psoriasis and in defining the degree of burns.
  • Dermatitis and allergies: Clinically, both irritative and allergic dermatitis present similar symptoms. In vivo observation allows for differentiation between the irritative sources and the allergic reactions.

The high resolution generated by confocal microscopy aids in therapeutic monitoring over weeks, months and even years to check the progress and course of medical-aesthetics treatments.

In the field of diagnosis, this medical advancement gives IML the possibility to present the clinical results of its studies on a histological level, without requiring a biopsy.

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