IML, first medical centre to provide PicoSure® 532 nm delivery


IML, first medical centre to provide PicoSure® 532 nm delivery


IML is the first Spanish medical centre to include PicoSure 532 nm delivery in its laser technology platform.

Picosecond technology allows for tattoo removal with 2 or 3 times less sessions, with higher efficacy per session. It is also able to remove all types of ink colours, by incorporating the 532 nm delivery to the existing 755 nm, its level of efficiency has been optimised for yellow, red, orange and purple.

The 4 main benefits of the PicoSure picosecond laser are:

  1. Improved performance in removing pigment per session, which means that tattoos are eliminated in 2 to 3 times less than with nanosecond laser technology.
  2. Greater respect for the skin, the clinical response is more intense and requires delivery of less amounts of power, which is less aggressive on the skin.
  3. Effective on every colour. The incorporation of 532 nm delivery to the existing 755 nm is a tremendous advance in the degree of efficacy with yellow, red and orange inks.
  4. Ability to remove residual pigments from so-called "recalcitrant" tattoos, that are resistant to Q-Switched laser technology.

The link below shows a before and after image of 4 treatment sessions with picosecond laser for tattoo removal. The colours yellow and red are removed in 2 sessions 75% of the time. The images are courtesy of Cynosure and are part of a clinical study conducted by Hamad Alabdulrazzaq, MBBCh, Yoon-Soo Bae, MD, Bradley Bloom, MD, Jeremy A. Brauer, MD, Robert Anolik, MD, Leonard Bernstein, MD, Elliot Weiss, MD, Roy G. Geronemus, MD.

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