IML inaugurates its new dental clinic


IML inaugurates its new dental clinic


Instituto Médico Láser has just opened a new dental clinic at the premises directed by Dr. Jesús Talón Bueno, a renowned specialist and one of the few specialist in the field of microscopic prostheses in Spain.

In line with his “a vanguard” philosophy, Instituto Médico Láser Dental offers a full range of new treatments in estomatology. “This is not a conventional clinic”, stated Dr. Jesús Talón. “All our dental repair jobs are done with the microscope, offering the patient a finishing quality that is superior that of conventional techniques. The microscopic odontology services offered at Instituto Médico Láser are aimed at a patient that want something more. The microscope sets the difference between a job that is correctly done and an excellent job” said Dr Talón.

The microscope can be employed in the surgery of soft or hard tissue (surgery of the gums or bone tissue). It can also be used in endoncy, which is repair odontology (fillers), and mainly, in jobs with prostheses where it is more difficult to achieve good quality results due to the greater or lesser artificiality in transparency and in the colour of the repaired pieces, but also due to the problem of rejection of the prostheses by the gums. The microscope avoids problems as frequent as the inflammation of the gums around the covers or the dark lines of the margins along prosthetic restorations. The employment of microscopy makes it possible to perform very precise crafting work and fine adjustments”.

The department of odontology and orthodontics of Instituto Médico Láser Dental works with one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned prosthesis laboratories that also manages microscopic technology for the manufacturing of dental pieces. This enables us to achieve maximum beauty and transparency and colour imitation in all our dental repair jobs.

Insituto Médico Láser Dental
C/ Ibiza, 21, 1º4º
28009 Madrid
Tel. 91.5742850

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