IML Physicians participate in SELMQ 2015


IML Physicians participate in SELMQ 2015


IML participated the in the Spanish Society of Medical-Surgical Laser (SELMQ) 2015 Congress, with a total of seven papers, presented by Doctors Javier Moreno Moraga, Josefina Royo de la Torre (IML Directors) and Irene Cruz.

Presentations by Dr. Javier Moreno:

  • "Aesthetic Varicose Veins: Recent acceptance of a 14-year work".
  • "Laser Treatment of Hyperhidrosis, a sad ending".
  • "Laser Lipolysis: abdomen and indications for multiparous women".

Presentation by Dr. Josefina Royo de la Torre:

  • "Morphological changes measured with confocal microscopy to interpret skin quality improvement following radiofrequency, laser and hyaluronic treatments".

Presentations by the IML Dermatology Unit:

  • "Pigmented lesion treatment: lentigines and melasma".
  • "Advantages and limitations of picosecond Q-Switch laser use on tattoos. A 2-year experience".

Presentation by Dr. Irene Cruz:

  • "Corporal Treatments for Cellulite Reduction: Experience and Innovations".

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