Laser Lipolysis (Head and neck)

24 hrs.
2 days

Facial ageing causes changes in the midface and lower face regions. One of the causes is fat redistribution and descent. This displacement of fat deforms the face and is responsible for creating a double chin, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks and flaccidity.

Laser lipolysis or Lipolaser is a minimally invasive laser-assisted technique, highly effective in removing drooping fat and contracting the skin. It defines and tenses the face and neck, chin and cheeks, in just one session and as an outpatient procedure.

What Laser lipolysis consists of

Laser lipolysis is a laser-assisted procedure for:

  • The removal of localised facial fat
  • The skin tightening in just one session

It is performed with a laser platform that emits two types of wavelength:

  • 924 nm to melt the fat
  • 975 nm to contract the skin

The laser energy is transmitted through a very fine and flexible cannula with an optical fibre on the end. This optical fibre carries the laser light to the fatty tissue, melts the fat and heats the tissue which retracts the skin.

Skin contraction is fundamental in double chin treatments. The vast majority of cases do not require removal of a large amount of fat, but an inversion in the curve of excess skin on the neck.

Laser lipolysis contracts the excess skin on the double chin

Advantages of face and neck Lipolysis

The main advantages of this technique are:

  • Safety and precision. The fine and ductile cannula allows the surgeon to perform safer and more precise movements while eliminating the fat.
  • Skin contraction. The laser produces collagen and elastin fibre regeneration. This aids the skin in perfectly adapting to the new fat-free contour, preventing flaccidity.
  • Minimum trauma procedure. Laser lipolysis does not break or tear the fat, it simply melts it.
  • Coagulant effect. The laser clots the small blood vessels while performing this technique, therefore bleeding and bruising is reduced to a minimum.
  • Outpatient technique under local anaesthesia. The patient remains awake throughout the procedure. Does not require admittance. Just an hour after the treatment is complete, the patient can go home and resume normal daily activity in 48 hours.
  • Faster and more comfortable recovery. Since bleeding and bruising is reduced, swelling is also lessened, making the postoperative stage much shorter.

Description of the procedure

  1. Infiltration of local Klein type anaesthetic.
  2. The physician makes a very small incision where the optical fibre is inserted. This fibre comes into contact with the fat and melts it.
  3. The melted fat is removed with a liposuction cannula that is much finer than usual.
  4. The physician reinserts the optical fibre to heat the tissue and cause skin contraction.

Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring

Laser lipolysis fat removal and retraction can be combined with Lipo Augmentation Facial Contouring (LAFC II), that restores volume in the cheeks, malar region and jawline using lipotransfer.

Laser lipolysis is a localised fat deposit removal treatment that can also be performed on:

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