Multipolar Radio Frequency


Multipolar Radio Frequency


Dr Josefina Royo de la Torre
Dr Javier Moreno Moraga
IML Madrid. www.iml.es

The application of radio frequency to reshape the conjunctive tissue is a clinically accepted and proven fact. IML has performed two clinical studies with the new Endymed 3 Deep® (Multipolar radio frequency with phase control) technology; results of which are here presented. The first study performed on 20 patients deals with safety and effectiveness in the application of this treatment on patients affected by cellulite and flaccidity, associated or not.

The results show an improvement in the cellulite degree scale of 1.3 degrees and an improvement of 2.73 degrees in the skin tightening scale. There were no side effects and none of the patients abandoned treatment due to pain or discomfort. It is possible that the gradual heating obtained from the radio frequency passes through the multipolar phase control hand piece improves patient tolerance. The paper concludes that a second study would be needed aimed at improving the parameterisation of treatment, its best applications and the longer term results.

The second study performed on 30 patients aimed at optimization of the parameters, indications as well as treatment and maintenance protocols. Listed are the application parameters, the subjective and objective improvement and their correlation with the anatomical localisation and the characteristics of the areolar and steatomeric layers of fat tissue in the region. The changes observed in skin quality were analysed through images taken with confocal microscopy and the detectable morphological changes with ultrasound monitoring.

The study also analysed the correlation between the skin temperatures reached and maintained 20 minutes after treatment and the degrees of improvement obtained, all through thermographic imaging.

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