Participation of IML at IMCAS


Participation of IML at IMCAS


Dr. Maria Jose Isarria Marcos, dermatologist at IML, took part in the IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Skin), presenting the paper "Photodynamic Therapy for varicose veins”, putting forward the bases of this new technology, result of a joint investment in clinical research with the Pluridisciplinary Institute at the Madrid Complutense University (Laser and Molecular Beam Unit). She also presented statistics of results and images of pre and post treatment patients.

Dr. Javier Moreno, Director of IML took part in the conference “Clinical Experience with Ultrashape® Contour I”, together with Doctors Benjamin Ascher, Per Heden and Chris Inglefield; they presented the main resources for the optimisation of results with Ultrashape, patient handling and application criterion, postural and marking the treated area criterion and the personal experience of each of the physicians.

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