Remodelling of scars and acne with non-ablative fractional laser 1540


Remodelling of scars and acne with non-ablative fractional laser 1540


Speaker: Dr Maria Jose Isarria Marcos. IML Dermatologist.

Acne is a pathology that affects 80% of the female population (14 to 17 years of age) and in 90% of the male population (16 to 19 years). It is a multifactorial pilosebaceous unit disorder:

  • Increase in sebaceous secretion.
  • Hormonal stimulation (androgenetic).
  • Hyper-proliferation P. acnes.
  • Follicular hyper-keratinisation.
  • Inflammatory response, activation of cytokines.

Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent scarring caused by acne. There are several treatment options:


  • Retinoids.
  • Intralesional corticoids, topical.
  • Silicone patches.
  • Other topical or injectable substances.
  • Surgical.
  • Punch.
  • Elliptic excision.
  • Punch elevation.
  • Sub-excision.


  • Cryosurgery - Electrocoagulation - Radiotherapy.
  • Chemical peels - Microdermoabrasions - Dermoabrasions.
  • Fillers.
  • Laser, light, other energies.
  • Ablative: CO2, Er:YAG, Fractional.
  • Non ablative: 532 nm (KTP), 585 nm (PDL), 1064/1320 nm (Nd:YAG), 1450 nm (Diode), 1540 (Er:glass), fractional.
  • IPL, Radiofrequency, Plasma.

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