Thong Lift

Currently, most of our patients want to achieve firm, rounded and elevated buttocks. IML's aim, beyond fashion, is to improve the buttocks as a whole with Thong Lift or Brazilian Lift, a technique designed for strategic remodelling of the buttocks.

Thong Lift: raises, rounds and defines the buttocks

The triangle formed in the area where the thong rests frames the buttocks and creates an optical effect of lift and projection. Thanks to our vast experience with the Lipolaser technique and the skill of our physicians, at IML we have managed to reproduce this effect with the Thong Lift procedure.

Thong Lift or Brazilian Lift raises, rounds and defines the buttocks

Thong Lift or Brazilian Lift raises, rounds and defines the buttocks

Thong Lift has several purposes:

  • Eliminate excess volume from saddle bags, flanks and subgluteal fold
  • Project volume in the mid-buttock area with lipotransfer
  • Improve skin quality and treat laxity
  • Lift, define and rounding out buttock shape

What does Thong Lift strategic remodelling consist of?

The secret behind this technique is knowing which fat to remove and which to leave for an elegant and proportioned definition of the female buttock contour.

Thong Lift is performed using 3 strategic remodelling techniques:

1. "Gull wing" incision

The area where the thong rests is sculpted with the Lipolaser technique. Part of the fat tissue is removed from this triangular area and the sides of the sacrum. This slight reduction in volume achieves optical enhancement on the top of the buttocks by creating a contrast with the hip curve and the waistline.

2. Fat elimination from the subgluteal fold

Consists of removing all the fat tissue between the end of the buttock and the top of the thighs, while contracting the skin. This results in a more slender and toned appearance.

3. Volume increase in the mid-buttock area

This stage is optional, performed when the patient wants to increase the buttock volume and the previous steps are not enough to achieve the enhancement sought after.

Consists of a lipotransfer, that is, harvesting the patient's body fat from areas with a surplus, such as the abdomen, and performing an autologous fat graft in the buttocks:Natural results with the IML Brazilian Lift technique

  • The body fat is harvested with the traditional method, that is, lipoaspiration. Once the fat is removed, the physician applies dual laser power, aimed at evening out the area and contracting the skin.
  • The fat is optimised using Puregraft™. This system, imported from the USA, decants and purifies the fat to guarantee its survival in the recipient area.
  • Once purified, the high quality fat is injected in the form of micro-columns into the mid-buttock region. This makes the buttocks more rounded, obtaining the shape sought after by the patient.

Autologous fat graft is the safest method of buttock augmentation, since there is no risk of rejection or incompatibility and the result, both to the touch and in appearance is completely natural.

The postoperative stage requires wearing a compressive corset for 7 days and the patient can go back to their normal activity 3 days later.

Benefits of Thong Lift

  • Natural results
  • High degree of correction
  • Brief and comfortable postoperative
  • Skin contraction
  • Local anaesthetic

Why is both traditional lipoaspiration and Lipolaser used?

At IML, we believe that if the patient wants to increase buttock volume, both techniques should be applied.

Traditional lipoaspiration is required to extract the fat from the lipograft. This cannot be achieved through Lipolaser, given that the laser melts the fat tissue, and therefore lipotransfer would not be possible.

The Lipolaser technique is applied at IML for a balanced result and improved skin quality. Laser offers greater precision than lipoaspiration to finish off the effect and evens out the extracted fat, and most importantly: it causes skin contraction that corrects the skin in the subgluteal fold when the fat is removed.

In general, when traditional lipoaspiration is performed, the subgluteal fold or banana fold is more evident, since lipoaspiration does not contract the skin and the fat volume that previously tightened the skin, once removed, makes the skin fold from the buttock weight.

If you would like personalised information about the Brazilian Lift or other buttock remodelling treatments, request a free informative consultation with one of our expert physicians now.

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