Urinary Stress Incontinence

Some women suffer from mild incontinence, generally due to a history of multiple births, instrumental deliveries, loss of oestrogen with age and constitutional morphological alterations with a certain genetic factor. This basically occurs when they crouch down, jump or make an effort.

This problem can improve with the well-known Kegel pelvic floor exercises, but not every one does them. Mild cases of urinary incontinence can be solved with laser and on occasion, with the placement of suburethral slings under local anaesthetic.

 Laser treatment of urinary incontinence

Laser treatment of urinary incontinence

How does laser work in treating urinary incontinence?

The laser vaporises the surface layers of the vulvar introit, causing contraction of the external pelvic structures surrounding the urinary orifice. This allows the woman to recover control of her urination.

Urinary incontinence laser treatment

Urinary incontinence laser treatment

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